Maharlika Partylist Aims to Enrich Culture, Skills and Livelihood for Progress


Enriching Culture, Skills, Livelihood for progress

October 9, 2021 – Dr. Alvin “Vince” Sahagun, founder and chairman of Maharlikang Pilipino Party officially introduces the partylist to the Filipino people.

Maharlika Pilipino Party or MAHARLIKA is an active organization that aims to elevate the standard of living of Filipinos. This goal is achieved through the enhancement of the skills and giving sustainable livelihood and strengthening the community. Established ins 2017, the partylist is composed of Filipinos from different parts of the country. An organization was formed to safeguard history and culture.

The partylist aims to elevate the standard of living of indigenous and the new generation of Filipinos. Representing the marginalized and poorest sector in the Philippines by establishing cooperatives to assists the less fortunate.

Alvin Sahagun, is the party’s first nominee of the Maharlika Partylist. Hailed from Tribong Aeta in Zambales. The group believes that if the majority of the population in the Philippines can aim to be a middle class or can elevate the state of livelihood, we can bring the Filipinos to being a Maharlika. What is a Maharlika? Directly translated as “Freemen” or Malayang Mamamayan, while “Royalty” means Dugong Bughaw.

Mr. Sahagun also shares “We will have a hard time being the first world country if half of the population is poor”. That is why Maharlika Partylist is representing the dreams of progress and development of Filipinos. Giving focus to the enhancement of livelihood of Filipinos by bringing back the Maharlika way of thinking and action. The platform is focused on 3 main points.


Giving fair opportunities to indigenous/marginalized communities and the new generation Filipinos to enrich their talents, education, and skills by using free training that would fit their needs.

KABUHAYAN (Livelihood)

Establishing and strengthening the financial institutions and social entrepreneurship programs where ordinary Filipinos can set up and earn using the skills they acquired and learned.

KAUNLARAN (Progress)

It starts by knowing one’s identity, learning the history and culture of Maharlikang Filipino as a foundation for the continuous progress of the community.

So who is Alvin Sahagun? He is a businessman and also a philanthropist. He advocates social entrepreneurship and is a champion of humanitarian missions. He is a member of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, JCI Makati, Rotary Club Makati, Business Network Incorporated. Affiliated with different groups and has also won numerous awards like the Hero of the year awardee at the 15th Gawad Filipino Heroes Awards last 2019 and also an ambassador for Environment, humanitarian, and e-commerce industry.

“I want to acknowledge our brothers and sisters in the indigenous community and other thousands of tribes scattered in the different parts of the country that seemed to have been forgotten by the government. These groups are mirrors of us bring a true Filipino.  They may have been forgotten, but they still thrive and continuously fighting and establishing different chapters to support these communities.”

“They are one of our inspirations on why we aim to be a part of this government. They are the treasures of the country that we need to protect, nourish and enrich instead of neglecting. This is the time that we will have a body or group to represent and protect our dreams and wellbeing. To not be dependent on what the government can offer but to help them to stand on their own two feet.


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