Amazing PerySmith Products up for grabs this 10.10.

Continuous improvement in the house and adulting. All of us reach that point in time when cleaning and experimenting on dishes have been our go-to pastime. Lucky for us, there is Shopee 10.10 and a brand that gives us reasons to get those quality and affordable items.

I am talking about the PerySmith Vacuum Cleaner, the X10 handheld Vacuum in particular is part of the Xtreme Series and powered at 1000W. It has 1000W Best in class BOOST motor, a 19,500PA maximum suction power, 4.8 meters insulated power cord. 
The PerySmith X10 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Xtreme Series 1000W is lightweight at 1.0kg and has a durable body. A 4-way floor brush and has a multi-stage filtration system, 0.25 micron HEPA filter. Sometimes one of the problems of vacuum is overheating. This one has smart overheat protection and a one-push removable dust bucket which has a dust capacity of 0.8L.

We know that vacuuming is a good way to keep the home clean. We can remove small dirt and debris faster too! What's even more amazing is this handheld Vacuum is affordable too! This is priced at only P 1,455 pesos and some more discounts too when you use vouchers! You can check it out her

Another product that is also nice under the PerySmith lineup is the PerySmith PS1530 3D Air Fryer Ecohealth II Series 1400W 4.2L
This is the all-new Air Fryer from the PerySmith brand in a new blue design. For those looking for a bit more healthy alternative, the technology in this can fry food with 80% less oil for those conscious and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has 9 Blades 3D airflow heating system that generates fast heating and energy-saving. It is also has a Stainless Steel Heating Element to ensure no harmful chemicals produced when cooking. The temperature is adjustable from 0°C ~ 200°C suitable for a wide range of food options to cook. it also has a food-grade coating removable inner food pan for fast & easy cleanup and also dishwasher safe which is great!
One feature I like is the 60 minutes timer with automatic shut-off to prevent overcooking. There's also smart overheat protection to turn off the machine automatically when overheated. Before, I used to shy away from air fryer because it was expensive. But not this one!

Shopee and PerySmith make sure that anyone can avail of products like these at an affordable price. You can also take advantage of the Shopee 10.10 promo and avail yourself of the different vouchers up for grabs! Get it from Shopee right here

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