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Cancer is one of the four epidemic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle-related diseases (LRDs) which include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and chronic respiratory diseases. Cancer remains a national health priority in the country with significant implications for individuals, families, communities, and the health system. The third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country after diseases of the heart and the vascular system.

Many people in our circle are somewhat affected and knows someone who has the disease. The most common kinds of cancers are breast, lung, colorectal, liver and prostate. Filipino women still exhibit a high rate of cervical cancer incidence. Only breast cancer is more common than cervical cancer.

So what is CANCER PARTY-LIST? In the Philippines, it's the first medical and health party-list accredited by Commission on Election. This is organized by cancer patients and anti-cancer advocates for the victims of cancer. Established as Cancer, Inc last October 2001.
The championing this is Dr. Jun Lapada, who's a son to a father who was also a victim of disease. His dad fought the disease on his own keeping from his family the suffering on him being sick. The family found out in November 1999. Dr Lapada then vowed to make it his mission to help people afflicted with the disease. Hid dad, General Dario Lapada was given 48 hours to live by rallied on to survive for another 18 years. Dr. Lapada became a medical doctor and brought together like minded individuals who will help create a caring environment for cancer patients and their families. 

To date, the Cancer Party-list had 6,583 beneficiaries who received financial support, chemotherapy, operation, radiation therapy and others. Around 528 visits on cancer wards on private and public clinics nationwide. They are also active on medical missions with 707 to date inside and outside Manila. 247 information drive and education to different groups regarding the cancer disease. Donated around 302 hospital equipment which included wheelchairs for the patients.

Originally registered in 2001 as CANCER, INC. with a nine-member board, the organization has made a big shift in mapping out a clearer anti-cancer health agenda. The purpose is to ensure achievability of its long-term goals vis-à-vis the usual advancement in science and medicine. CANCER PARTYLIST, as it is currently known today, became the first-ever health-oriented advocacy group to be accredited by the Commission on Elections in 2015. 

Today October 1, 2021, Cancer Party-list officially files for candidacy for the 2022 election. The Cancer Partyl-list nominees for the election is Ms. Arcie Fabon, Ms. Catherine Ronquillo, Dr. Dario "Jun" Lapada Jr., Dr. Jesserick Battad, Jr. & Dr. Bryan Brosas

Presently the group prides itself with 22,126 members and volunteers who share the common mission of building an atmosphere of quality cancer education, creating an environment for effective patient care, and pursuing an evolving standard of treatment and rehabilitation processes. 

CANCER PARTYLIST is determined to exert its best efforts in order to provide a caring environment that shall prioritize the total well-being of patients as well as their family members. It also aims to instill in the minds of the public a deeper consciousness about the disease through a more aggressive informative and educative approach. Last, the group is committed to providing the proportionate assistance and support service with the end objective of enhancing the chances of survival of every cancer patient, humanly possible, assuring its help through every treatment and rehabilitation stage.

For other inquiries, you may get in touch them in the following details.
Unit 1405, 14th Floor, Corporate 145 Building, Mother Ignacia Avenue, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines, 1103   |     Address0917 142 6817    |

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