realme Book. Did they get it right the first time?

Realme does a lot these days, they release smartphones one after the other, they have smart TVs, AIOTs and this time they are dipping their tech-toes into the laptop scene. They recently launched their first laptop, the realme Book and we are here to give our first impressions on this device. 

On a mission to give a full-circle digital experience to everyone, realme disrupts the laptop category with its latest product, the realme book. Okay, so let me show you the box. The box is clean and simple with the specs on the back.
Inside you get the realme Book, the 65W Super-fast charger, and the fast type-c to type-c charging cable. You also get a user manual and that's it. I like that it’s a 65W super-fast charger and that it’s type C. You can also charge your phone and other gadgets that use Type C.

Here's our vlog entry for the realme Book.

Just look at that. The design looks so sophisticated and trendy. It adopts an aluminum alloy body design. It has been elaborately built through more than 30 processes. Coupled with our mirror logo design, not only is it extremely comfortable but also has premium quality all over. The color of this one is real Grey and the other one which I also like is the real blue. The design is premium with subtle and classy branding.
It’s really slim at 14.9mm and also lightweight. I think this is barely 1.28 kilograms. Thin and light considering that it’s a 14-inch laptop. I'll reveal the price in a bit but this realme book has a much better price tag compared to other laptops in the market today. Comparing our laptop to other leading brands, the realme Book is thinner and weighs lighter.

Underneath will be where the exhaust is and the speakers too. realme Book features 2 HARMAN speakers, which support DTS HD stereo sound effect, giving you an immersive surrounding audio-visual experience. Harman Kardon speakers, which support DTS HD stereo sound effects, giving users an immersive surrounding audio-visual experience.

A subtle tagline of Dare To Leap can be spotted on the rubber elevation. I saw others also opening the back panel unscrewing the 9 screws to check what's inside. There may be options for you to upgrade the storage and also simply replace the battery should it die down on you.
It’s not an issue for me but if you want to open your laptop with one hand, you might have a hard time doing it. I tried. But that goes without saying already because if you want to keep it light, you need to cut down the weight.
Opening the laptop you are greeted with a nice keyboard layout, a big trackpad, and the nice display. The keyboard light up, it's backlit. You have 2 brightness options for this and the third one turns it off.

That display is a 2K full Vision Display! Yasssss. With the resolution of 2160 x 1440, the realme book has 1.5 times pixel count of a typical 1080p screen so expect a clear display here. Also, 100% sRGB color gamut gives a more saturated and more colorful than typical screens. Brightness is also good. The realme Book’s brightest is 400 nits, 33% brighter than typical laptops.
On top, you can also find a webcam and has microphones. It supports Elevoc Vocplus AI Noise Cancellation Algorithms, Vocplus Pre-processing Technology, and Vocplus Scream Suppression Technology. So whenever you are attending teleconferences or communicating with friends, your voice will always be loud and clear. And look at that. Nano edge design with a narrow bezel of 5.3mm. that 90% screen-to-body ratio gives that nice immersive visual experience.

Available ports would be 1 USB A port, a 3.5 headphone and microphone jack, and two USB-C ports which can be used for charging and data transfer. 

What’s powering this is the newest 11th Gen Intel Core Processor available in Core i3 and Core i5. It adopts the 10nm SuperFin manufacturing process with excellent energy efficiency performance and the newly upgraded CPU + GPU structure. The Dual-fan Storm Cooling System has 8mm diameter dual heat pipes, ultra-thin high speed, and high airflow dual fans. The realme Book runs quietly even at high performance required circumstances. You can also see from the photo that the laptop is elevated doesn't sit directly on the surface to allow power ventilation.
Multitasking is a breeze because of the large storage. Up to 512GB SSD Storage, the realme Book supports up to 8GB dual-channel LPDDR4x RAM which ensures fast performance, ideal for multi-tasking. 

The laptop is packed with a 54 Wh battery encased in the ultra-slim build. In paper, they say that the realme Book can support up to 8.5 hours of normal office work. I think that's enough hours already to get things done. Good thing that the realme Book comes with a 65W fast charger to get you to 50% charge in just 30 minutes. 

My initial impression here is, I like the experience. I particularly like the fingerprint scanner on the power button. This should be the standard of other laptops moving forward instead of those tracking your face.

I also like that you can tilt the display back further than most laptops in the market. Just look how slim that is.

You can maximize the use of this laptop with their latest smartphone as well like the realme GT Master Edition for the PC Connect where you can access your phone from your laptop. Hopefully this will also be available for other realme phones as well.

A 2K Full Vision Display, powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processor, super slim in design, generous storage, long battery life, amazing Harman speakers, and affordable! Sign me up!

The realme Book is available only at Lazada for now. Buyers have the option to choose from the two variants. 
i3(8GB+256GB) (37,990)
Php 29,990 (Currently on the introductory price)

i5(8GB+512GB (47,990)
Php 41,990 (Currently on the introductory price) 

But so far, the realme Book, ticks a lot of boxes and I think realme has done it right the first time. 
✓ - Design
✓ - Features
✓ - Specs
✓ - We'll find out soon
✓ - Price

Make sure you watch out and visit my vlog for the full review and unboxing.

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