GCash Teaches You How To Invest for the Family

Raising and providing for a family can be daunting, especially amid a global pandemic. With the price of basic goods on the rise and job insecurity plaguing a lot of people, it’s only wise to invest for one’s self and family.

To educate families on the fundamentals of investment, GCash, the country’s leading digital financial provider, is holding a free webinar that will touch on the best investments one can make for the family. The fourth installment of GCash Money Talks, entitled “Pag-invest para sa pangarap ng pamilya, G pa rin!'' will air on September 16, 2021 at 8 PM on GCash’s Facebook page.

This webinar aims to educate customers, specifically families, how to build a financially secure future for one’s family and reach one’s goals through the power of strategic investment. It also hopes to equip people with good financial management skills and habits you can start today.

Hosted by radio DJ and host Jaz Reyes, the webinar will feature financial expert, best-selling author and internationally known motivational speaker, Brother Bo Sanchez. He will discuss his thoughts on how to build a financially-secure future for the family, as well as practical and tangible ways to take control of your money as parents. He will be joined by CEO of Brilliant Skin Essentials and mother to two boys, Glenda Victorio, and first-time dad and entrepreneur Juancho Trivinio. They will share their budgeting and financial management methods as parents as well.

GInvest, the first-ever digital investment platform on GCash that allows Filipinos as young as 18 years old and with a valid ID, lets you explore easy ways on how to save for your passions and achieve your life goals by investing and conveniently growing your money through a tap on the app.

The fourth installment of GCash Money Talks is a testament to creating beautiful experiences for Filipinos to have choices, overcome challenges, and achieve theirs and their family’s dreams through investing.

GCash and GInvest continue to help pave the way for Filipinos to get in the habit of saving and growing their money through investments easily, efficiently, and conveniently. Pag-invest para sa pangarap ng pamilya, G pa rin!

To learn more about the GCash Money Talks and more information about GInvest, you may visit GCash’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/gcashofficial/.

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