GCash and Max’s Group support our ‘heroes on wheels’ with GCash on Delivery

GCash enabled Max's Group delivery riders to have safe and cashless transactions.

Since the pandemic started last year, delivery riders have played a big role in making our lives easier as they bring essential items such as food, groceries, medicine, and more, right at our doorsteps. Because of the important role that they play in helping maintain normalcy in our lives, delivery riders are truly one of our modern-day heroes.

To support our “heroes on wheels” during these times, GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet, partnered with Max’s Group, the largest casual dining restaurant company in the country, and operator of such well-loved brands as Max’s Restaurant, Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza Co., and Krispy Kreme, to enable riders to have safe and cashless transactions with GCash on Delivery. The riders can also receive their tips from customers via the GCash QR Code, a timely feature since cash tips have declined, affecting these riders and their families.

“Logistics, transport, and delivery services are all classified as essential services during the pandemic. It would be very challenging to Filipinos and the national economy if they’re unable to operate. That’s why GCash continues to offer innovative business solutions to help customers, the riders, and these industries survive and thrive during these challenging times,” said GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon.

Currently, 350 Max’s Restaurant riders are enabled for GCash transactions. This means customers with GCash accounts have the option to scan-to-pay via the rider’s QR code to settle their delivery orders safely and conveniently — without worrying about having exact change. Upon payment, riders will receive an SMS from GCash confirming the transaction payment. This confirmation happens in real-time and transactions reflect immediately, offering customers, riders, and logistics firms peace of mind that their payment is efficient and secure.

For customers who are happy with the delivery service and want to give a little extra, all they need to do is to scan the rider’s personal GCash QR code to instantly send tips to their rider’s GCash account.

“This tie-up with GCash aims to not only help customers stay safe during the pandemic but to also support delivery riders during these trying times by encouraging customers to give tips to riders in any amount they can using the GCash QR Code. This is also a way for us to show that we appreciate the delivery riders, who are our modern-day heroes. They exhibit hard work, dedication, and bravery despite the risks they take during these times so they can help people get their food and more,” said Max’s Group President & Chief Executive Officer Robert F. Trota.

Max’s Group, with their 8 major brands and over 650 branches globally, was one of the first merchants to sign up with GCash for safe and seamless transactions. Hungry fans can place orders at maxsgroupdelivers.com or (02) 888-7-9000 (Metro Manila only).

For more information, visit https://www.gcash.com/business.

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