Unboxing the realme TechLife Air Purifier & Setup

Breathe Better, Live Better: The realme TechLife Air Purifier
We got a hold of the newest addition to realme's TechLife experience. The realme TechLfe Air Purifier! In line with its mission to provide a full-circle digital experience to every Filipino, realme, the no. 1 smartphone brand in the country, continues to strengthen and expand its AIoT portfolio within the TechLife ecosystem. 

Launching officially on August 8, the realme TechLife Air Purifier is a must-have for everyone’s homes. It boasts a high-level purification capacity of 330m³/h CADR, an industry-leading HEPA H12 filter, a powerful 3-stage filtration system, 99.95% filtration efficiency, an innovative air duct design, and 5 fan-mode options. The realme TechLife Air Purifier is well equipped to bring high-level air purification and is the perfect solution to air-quality problems in your living space, providing you and your family with a healthy breathing environment.

Let's check out what's inside. (realmeow not included)
HEPA H12 High-Efficiency Air filter (wrapped in plastic). So make sure that when you first purchase this, check what's inside and remove the plastic.
Putting back the other filter is as easy as removing them.

It took me a while to figure the final cover out on how to properly seal it. 
When you close it up, make sure to press gently on the final cover on where the plastic locks are (left & right). Push it together to lock the cover in, and push it again to open it up. 

If you didn't do it right, it will look like this, and don't sweat it. It's all good.

I personally think it's nice that the realme brand is offering quality and good air purifiers of value to help improve our lives so that we can breathe and live better.

Looking at the unit, you can't see any other holes or places where the purifier will get dirty air from other than the front. Nothing on the back and side.

On the other side, you can see details on guides and indicators and how to replace the filter. The green color is Good air quality, Yellow/orange is moderate air quality and red is bad air quality which you will see on top where the main control is. 

On the top, you have simple but functional controls. Here you have 5 different fan modes to suit your every need. There's Sleep, Soft, Normal, Strong, and Auto. You can switch between modes and choose the right solution for you with just a simple tap. Timer is available at 2 hrs, 4 hrs and 8 hrs while there's three fan speeds to choose from.
In Sleep Mode, the purifier’s noise level stays as low as 46dB so you can enjoy a quiet sleep. Except for the subtle indicator light, all other lights will be off in Sleep Mode to ensure the purifier remains unintrusive while you sleep.

In Auto Mode, the purifier will automatically detect the indoor air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly. This eliminates the need for you to manually switch between modes, resulting in more efficient purification while saving you time and effort.

Will share more info after we review this really cool realme TechLife Air Purifier on future posts! Make sure to check out Shopee on Shopee and Lazada to get it for only P 4,990 instead of the P 5,990! That's P 1,000 discount yo! Great deal  Check it out here.

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