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The perfect lightweight trio for those who are on the journey to achieving clear skin! Tone, Moisturize, and Treat. The AHA/BHA Toner gently exfoliates skin impurities, helping to brightening those uneven acne marks. To compensate for the exfoliation, the CICA Gel Moisturize not only deeply hydrates the skin, but also helps clarify the skin with a green goodie called Centella Asiatica which has healing properties. And to top off the routine, The Calming Blemish Madeca Serum is your lightweight solution filled with calming ingredients like Madecassoside (1,000ppm) and Tea Tree leaf extract (5,000ppm) that are known to control sebum and skin troubles. 3 simple skincare additions for blemish-free days!

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1. Strip away the bad. It has Salicylic Acid, the gold standard for treating skin problems and Lactobionic Acid, the next-gen AHA, that gently exfoliates skin without irritation.
2. But first, water. Known for its crazy water-holding capacity, Sodium Hyaluronate gives your skin that plump and elastic feel.
3. Work that E. With tocopherol, a.k.a. Pure vitamin E, antioxidants are put to work, protecting your skin from nasty free-radicals and against UVB rays.
4. Support cruelty-free. This stuff is made by our amazing manufacturers in Korea who choose clean ingredients and cruelty-free processes. ­čÉç

Tips for Healthier Skin
(1) Although the skin regenerates every 27 days, dead skins cells don’t easily say bye-bye on their own (2) After cleansing, make sure to choose a exfoliant toner mild enough for daily use. (3) Flaunt your fresh, healthy, and new layer of skin by applying your toner using a cotton pad. (4) Give yourself a reward and swipe the cotton pad in upwards motion to give your skin a quick massage.
1. Skincare combo. Ingredients like Centella Asiatica Extract and Tea Tree Oil eases skin inflammation while healing small wounds and acne scars.
2. Extra moisture. Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin irritation and problems. With Sodium Hyaluronate, the skin absorbs and holds more onto water like a sponge, giving you a healthy and plump skin.
3. Cottony finish. Hydroxyethyl stabilizes oils to form a gel formula giving you that non-sticky and cottony finish. Perfect even on hot and humid days.
4. Support cruelty-free. This stuff is made by our amazing manufacturers in Korea who choose clean ingredients and cruelty-free processes. ­čÉç

Tips for Healthier Skin
(1) Moisturizing is one of the keys to fighting wrinkles and other signs of aging. After toning, remember to gently pat the product onto the skin. Do not rub to avoid damaging your skin’s elasticity. (2) Many confuse oil with hydration, excessive oil is often produced because of the lack of moisture in the skin. So make sure to make your moisturizer your daily best friend, regardless of skin-type.

Calming Blemish Madeca Serum
How to use:
- After using toner, apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck. Gently pat for better absorption.

1. Tested by the Korea Dermatology Research Institute, found with 0% Skin Irritation
2. Hypoallergenic ingredients
3. All ingredients with green level of EWG
4. No added artificial fragrance; mild scent comes from natural essential oils (Tea Tree Oil)
5. Box was made with paper that’s certified by FSC (**Forest Stewardship Council) and was printed with Vegetable-based soy ink.

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