Mel Caluag and Flict-G Bring Extraordinaty Fusion of Kundiman and Rap in Collab Single

Two of the country’s hottest names in the music scene joined forces to create an extraordinary fusion of traditional kundiman and street-smart rap. Mel Caluag of the pop group XOXO, and rap royalty Flict-G teamed-up for a reimagined version of the popular Bicolano folk song “Sarung Banggi.”

While Mel Caluag sings the Tagalog lyrics, Flict-G injects his rap lines in between verses as if making counterpoints and responses to the original song, and the result is an amazing blend of two music genres which transcends demographics.

Twenty-year old Mel is a finalist of the first season of GMA 7’s “The Clash.” She is part of the pop group XOXO, GMA’s resident girl-group. She is also a stage and TV actress, having done soaps for the network such as the afternoon drama “Inagaw Na Bituin,” where she was able to showcase both her singing and acting abilities. She will soon be seen on GMA’s new primetime soap “Legal Wives” with other top actors such as Dennis Trillo, Alice Dixson and Bianca Umali among others.

Singing kundiman is not new for Mel. In fact, her first taste of the limelight is through singing traditional folk songs when she joined the talent search “Talentadong Pinoy” in 2011 and became the show’s 17th Hall of Famer, having remained undefeated for eight straight weeks.

Meanwhile, Flict-G was initially known as part of the group Repablikan Syndicate and a co-founding member of the legendary group Shockra: Ang Walong Sumpa. He is also one of Flip Top’s outstanding battle emcees and has several albums up on his sleeve.

The two were introduced during an event where both of them were guest performers in 2018. Their respective management companies then toyed with the idea of a collaboration and immediately went into the studio for pre-production. By some twists of fate, the release of the single was put on hold and was only until now, three years after, that it was finally out and ready for the world to hear.

“Sarung Banggi,” the reimagined version is now available in all digital platforms worldwide exclusively distributed by Curve Entertainment Inc.

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