5 New Year's Resolutions for Filipino Job Hunters

The new year signifies new beginnings. And if you are one of the millions of Filipinos who lost their jobs because of the pandemic, you have every reason to be hopeful as the economy is expected to grow again in 2021. Unlike in the past months, you can expect more career opportunities waiting for you when you search “job hiring in Manila on the internet. 

While think tanks expect there will be more job openings in the next few months, it does not mean that you can be complacent because the competition is also likely to be stiff. You need to improve yourself and find ways to get ahead of the pack. 

Since it is the start of the year, you may want to adopt several resolutions that can increase your chances of landing the dream job you are aiming for. If you are looking for ideas, here are five New Year’s resolution to get you started: 

Review Your Resume 
Your resume can make or break your job application since your employer’s initial impression of you will depend on it. Keep in mind that without a favorable first impression, a prospective employer will most likely stop considering you as a suitable candidate for the position. How else can you get invited for the first interview? 

Because of its importance in helping you secure a job, reviewing and updating your resume should be high up on your priority list. Check whether you have new skills and experiences that you have yet to add. You may also want to consider preparing several versions so that you can highlight the skills and qualifications to suit the various positions or roles you are considering. 

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts 
Filipinos are known for their social media usage, which is why many recruiters and headhunters check social media accounts to find talents and screen applicants. If you are active on social media, now is a good time to check whether your accounts showcase your best side. You may want to follow these tips to make your pages more recruiter-friendly: 

● Upload a decent profile picture. Ensure that recruitment officers will have a good impression of you when they open your account by using a wholesome display photo. An image of you dancing wildly in a club with a drink in hand may not reflect responsibility and diligence to your future boss. 

● Go through your previous posts and uploads. Although you may use your social media pages for self-expression, you still need to practice restraint if you want to get the position you are applying for. Delete everything you do not want your future employer to read and see, such as offensive or indecent content. 

● Review the people you follow. Make sure that you follow experts in your field and not just accounts of celebrities and K-pop idols. Remember that who you follow reflects what matters most to you. 

● Be sure that every detail in your social accounts is factual. While it may seem funny to add a fake degree to your Facebook profile, recruiters will not be impressed. Be honest and ensure that the information on your social media pages matches your resume. 

Boost Your Professional Brand 
Given that recruiters tend to check your social media pages, use them to your advantage by showcasing your talents, skills, and experience. Make sure that you create content that reflects what you can contribute to the company. Ultimately, showing what you can do is more impactful than merely explaining what you are capable of doing. 

For instance, if you are applying for an interior designer position, you may want to use Pinterest to share your work with potential employers. You can also create YouTube videos showing how you can transform boring rooms into something sophisticated and stylish. Continue building and showing off your portfolio as you search for a new job. 

Build Your Network 
Perhaps you have already asked your relatives, friends, and former colleagues for help as you search for a new job. Expand your network by meeting new people and connecting with other professionals in your field. Reach out through social media, use alumni networks, or join professional organizations. You can also take on volunteer work to hone your skills and experience while meeting more people who can connect you with prospective employers. 

Develop Your Communications Skills 
Hone your communication skills as you look for a job since it would be difficult to get your dream position if you cannot properly articulate your potential. Consider joining any of the numerous Toastmasters Clubs in the country so that you can build your skills and confidence in public speaking. You can also take a business writing course or a webinar online. 

There are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you become an effective communicator. Do not let such opportunities go to waste. Keep in mind that strong communication skills will help set you apart from other job applicants. 

It is easy to get lost and feel down when you are searching for a job, especially when you do not get the results that you want. That is why you need a plan, such as making a list of professional New Year’s resolutions, to give you direction and motivation. If you follow through with these promises, you can, at the very least, increase your chances of landing the position you’ve always wanted. Stay on track and persevere as your dream job awaits.

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