Life Lessons from my Parents: Importance of planning for protection

Growing up we didn't have much, we lived day-by-day and planned short term. Long-term for us was way in the future and we just had to deal with what we have at the moment and where to get the ones in the coming days. Growing up, I was blessed with a strong family, spiritual, mentally and health-wise.  While that wasn't an excuse not to have something to fall back to, things could have gone badly the other way if we got hit with life's uncertainties. 

Fast-forward to having my own family now, I've come to appreciate the preparation for protection. I learn this as I grew older and saw the value in it. Especially in this time of uncertainty, it us vital for us to have something to fall back to even if we have enought money and well off. There can't be enough protection if we are talking about family. 

Preparing for the unexpected may not be easy, but it will be worth it, knowing that the most important people in our lives will forever feel our love and care even when we are no longer around.

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