6 reasons why this the best smartwatch of 2020

Alright, many of you might judge me with that statement and I can't blame you. Most of you haven't had the chance to have the Huawei GT series on your wrist, but let me breakdown 6 reasons why this is the best smartwatch on its price range this 2020. 

Just look at that watch, it's beautiful. If you need a watch that you can take from the boardroom to the golf course, this is it. The smartwatch is well built, having a titanium case, sapphire glass on front and ceramic back just screams class and premium juice all over. Classy and very useful.

Wear and forget. That's what I do. This smartwatch can last up to 14 days of no charge, sometimes even more depending on your use. If you turn on the sensors on 24/7, it might last out 6-8 days, still, more than what other smartwatch offers in the market right now. Charge it fast with the wireless charging dock that comes with the purchase. I'm so relieved that there's no more visible pins for charging connections. The watch can also be charged on other qi wireless chargers and if you're phone or tablet is capable of doing reverge charge, it can also work. 

Choose from over 200 watch faces from the Huawei Health app for your Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. Customization takes it one step further as Huawei makes it possible for you to transfer images from your photo gallery to your phone in just one tap with the Huawei Share OneHop. You can also customize some of the watchface themes so it shows the live data it gets from you. The straps on the watch can also be removed so you can easily put in your favorite strap and make it your own.

There will be no excuses to skip those active days when you use this watch. It tracks you if you're idle for a long time and reminds you to stretch or get moving. Aside from the numerous workout and sports mode that the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro has, there are so much more that this watch offers to help you be more active. They have 13 running courses which starts at 22 minuetes with run walk run to Tempo Run, HIIT Run or Long Slow Distance Run at 66 minutes. Two of the highlighted features here would be the Skiing mode and Golf mode. (Read more about it here.)

5. 24/7 SENSORS
The back of the watch is made out of ceramic and houses multiple sensors that tracks your Sleep & Heart Rate. It also has barometer, altimeter and compass. It has activity meter and also the SP02 which measure the level of oxygen in the blood. The SP02 doesn't track 24/7 because you need to be still and the watch has to be facing up. I find the heartrate, sleep tracking and stress tracking very useful. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is also equipped with a GPS receiver which is very useful in tracking physical activity.

Here are some of the features and apps that is already on the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro that I use on a daily basis.
  • Heatrate monitor - You can't miss this. Whenever I do any activity, go up a stair or do something, I check my heartrate. In just a single image you can easily see at what point in the day your HR spiked and when its low.
  • Sleep Data - Whenever I wakeup and am notified by my watch how long I slept and data on my light, deep and REMs which is pretty interesting. By the end of the day or week you can see if you've had a good quality sleep and if you should be improving your quality of rest.
  • Breathing exercises - Which I sometimes do when I wakeup and also use it as part of my meditation before I fully start my day.
  • Microphone - Here, I can easily call from my watch by checking call log or contacts. I use the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro as my microphone when it's connected to my Huaei phone. This is very useful especially if you're hands are preoccupied, dirty or driving. Very useful for me especially when I'm driving/
  • Timer - May it be for work, or cooking the timer feature of the watch is so easy to use and effectively notifies me when time's up. There's just so much use for this feature.
  • Alarm - C'mon. It's given already. My phone is not enough. Setting an alarm on the watch vibrates and gives you that much needed shake to help you start your day on time.
  • Find My Phone - Even if I'm in our bedroom, living room or kitchen I usually lose track on where I place my phone and having this feature helps me and saves me a lot of time looking for it because when I tap 'Find my Phone' on the watch, the phone will ring and say "I'm here".
So there! Those are the 6 (or more) reasons why I find this smartwatch a candidate for the best smartwatch of 2020, 2021 even. Quality build, usefule features and priced just right. Certainly this smartwatch has so much more to offer with its workout modes and other features. 

Now if you're wondering if this woulf work on other android phones or iOS. I can. Android has to be 5.0 or later and for iOS, has to be 9.0 or later.

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