[Review] Samsung Galaxy Watch3

It has been a while since I've had a Samsung watch on my wrist. The last one I remember was the Samsung Gear S3 classic which I bought at a good price from a friend. Back then, it was a revelation for me, I didn't know what I was getting myself into by investing in a smartwatch, but there I was rocking the S3, days in and out. I remember a lot of firsts on experience with the watch, calls, music, timer, reminder, notifications on my wrist, and customizing watch faces & straps. It was fun! Fast forward to almost 3 years after, here's another Samsung Galaxy Watch on my wrist and I'm excited to test it out.

Similar to any Samsung device design, it will look classic/classy, and premium. I remember the Galaxy Gear S3 blending into any style that I was wearing, and that stays true to the new Samsung Galaxy Watch3. Available in 45mm & 41mm, I would usually go with the bigger one for men, but testing this 41mm on my wrist, I think it's just right. Samsung sent over the Mystic Bronze for a review. The 41mm is available in 2 colors, the Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver which I think are marketed mainly for women, while the 45mm is available in Mystic Black and Mystic Silver towards men.
The watch comes in a white box with just the photo of the watch and Watch3 text at the bottom. Inside you will find a few papers and the wireless charging cable. You may now see it at a first glance but that is a rotating bezel that enables you to navigate the widgets and menu. This is actually the only smartwatch I've tried with a precision rotating bezel for app navigation. The strap they say is a premium genuine leather band which I think made of nice quality material.

Same with the previous ones, this one has customizable watch faces. Not just looks or designs you can choose and download buy you can actually choose the hands, the color, the information, and progress information.

Now, what are the features? Aside from given Fitness and Workout modes like running modes, VO2 max or oxygen consumption data, and Post Run Analysis, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also has modes for walking, exercise bike, swimming, bench press, weight training, yoga, and other gym workouts. The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also has accurate Health Monitoring. Features that are useful and helps save live, like the Blood Oxygen where it checks the amount of incoming oxygen and how well you breathe. Fall detection is something that is useful for seniors.
This one recognizes a hard fall and sens SOS calls/messages with your location to emergency contacts. Another is Wellness. This one helps you track your sleep, it analyzes your sleep pattern/cycle and provides information on how you can have a better sleep quality. Also available is tracking Women's Health, where it records menstrual cycle and symptoms. Predicting the next period based on the partner's algorithm.
Now, what I like about this watch are the notifications and reminder options. On this smartwatch, you can choose from some pre-stocked responses/reply based on context but also edit and make it your own.  A new feature is that the Galaxy Watch3 can now view images. You can also reply with avatar stickers only supported by the Samsung message app. You can also answer every call with the Galaxy Watch3 which is very convenient. See the one who's calling you without taking out your phone and speak thru the watch like a government spy.

You can also get daily briefings in the morning & evenings like schedule for the day,  weather for the coming days, health stats, stress level and other reminders. 
The rotating bezel helps a lot in navigating and choosing the right items you need. The smartwatch can also be used to control your music stored in your phone or via Spotify. You can also use it as a Camera controller, music controller, and a PPT controller, which I think is really interesting!
Display isn't bad either. It is bright, colorful and has a sharp resolution. It's easy to look at may it be indoors or outside.The Galaxy Watch3 is a water and dust resistant at 5ATM / IP68. A device that can definitely handle a little or dirt. It has military-grade durability so you can take with you in extreme weather and temperature or any activity. GPS is a nice feature to help you navigate and gives detours suggestions. It also has a built-in barometer sensor.

Rotating Bezel
Awesome Display 
Easy to use interface

The design of the watch is still large and chunky
Battery Life
Apps & plugins need to download for non-Samsung users


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 joins the congested wearable market and while there might be a couple of smartwatches at the same price or lower, offering similar features these days, the Galaxy Watch 3 still has that Samsung sophistication and ease-of-use.  One major advantage of the Galaxy Watch 3 is the rotating bezel, it's satisfying to use and makes it so pleasing to use.

I think that it's more of a lifestyle watch more than a fitness watch. Don't get me wrong, it's more polished than other smartphones and undoubtedly powerful. My only issue with this watch is the battery. With normal use, it lasts me 2 full days leaving me with 10% left on the watch. 

If you're on android phones or using the one made by Samsung and want something that would compliment the whole wearable experience, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the best smartwatch for you.

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Galaxy Watch3 pairs best with the Galaxy Buds Live

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