Working towards a better normal, PICK.A.ROO empowers Filipino retailers

The all-in-one delivery app gives local businesses better coverage and opportunities through its on-demand system 

PICK.A.ROO is an on-demand lifestyle delivery app that believes everyone deserves topmost quality over quantity, which is clearly seen through their reliable and trustworthy brand, which puts consumers, retailers, and workers at its core. Its purpose is to provide urban consumers a way to go about their lives—whether in times of a pandemic or not—stress-free and conveniently. This proudly Filipino brand also puts emphasis on empowering Filipino retailers of all sizes—especially the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). 
PICK.A.ROO co-founder Crystal Gonzalez 

At the helm of PICK.A.ROO are co-founders Crystal Gonzalez and Kevin Tan, both of whom are not unfamiliar with providing quality experiences of all forms. Gonzalez, the company’s CEO, shares, “Through PICK.A.ROO, convenience comes from making the best brands in the metro easy to find in just one app. People normally spend too much time searching and scrolling to find the best products and brands in town. With PICK.A.ROO, we’ve made it much easier for users. We’ve partnered with the most-requested brands that offer top quality products delivered on-demand. Real convenience comes from having an easy to use app, easy to find brands, easy access single checkout, and on demand delivery for all your needs.” 

Meanwhile, Tan emphasizes the drive to pursue a venture such as this one by saying, “The idea was that we wanted to help retailers first and foremost. A year or so ago, we approached the idea of introducing digital transformation to various retailers, but we thought it was going to take a while. That was the simple idea at the time. Then COVID hit and the world turned upside down. We were giving ourselves until the end of the year to put this up, but we had to move everything earlier. It’s a very disorienting time with lots of uncertainty and anxiety. We’ve made it our mission to help retailers transition to digital without any problems, while providing users an easy shopping experience.” 
PICK.A.ROO co-founder and Megaworld's Kevin Tan

PICK.A.ROO provides online consumers highly curated options for food, groceries, gadgets, home essentials, and mom and baby needs—a lot of which were requested by PICK.A.ROO users: Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Shangri-La, Hilton, Michelin establishments (Tim Ho Wan, Hawker Chan, Kam’s Roast), The Grid, S&R, Landers, Robinsons, Farmer’s Market, Mothercare, Parenting Emporium, Wildflour, Mos, Ben’s Cookies, Gourdo’s, Faceshop, Designer Blooms, and so much more. The app is currently available all over Metro Manila, Antipolo, Bacoor, and Cainta. Partner brands can deliver to places as far as 10km. 

Whether young or a senior citizen, on-demand shopping is made easy and effortless with the app’s single checkout feature. Once an order has been placed, users are given updates every step of the way—from the moment that their order has been received by the shop, until it’s been delivered to their doorstep. PICK.A.ROO wants its users to feel secure when they shop, which is why payments are only finalized once orders have been delivered. Shopping is made affordable, seen clearly through the free deliveries with a low minimum spend. For those that don’t reach the minimum, deliveries for supermarket purchases are as low as P88, and just P48 for everything else. 

PICK.A.ROO works closely with industry leaders, in order to better understand how to best support them through the platform. They have most recently partnered with Resto PH—an organization of like-minded restaurateurs that aspire to further promote the Philippine food and beverage industry. Resto PH president Eric Teng shares, “It means a lot that we get to form a partnership with an all-Filipino group such as PICK.A.ROO, which is not only providing opportunities for local restaurateurs during this time, but also giving consumers varied dining options. Backed by good taste, we aspire to deliver quality meals straight to the doorsteps of our customers.” 

A recent addition to the growing list of PICK.A.ROO partner merchants is The Moment Group, one of the most exciting restaurant groups locally. At just a few years old, Moment has 12 established food brands in their roster, among them: 8Cuts, Manam, Ooma, and globally recognized Din Tai Fung. 

In line with this, PICK.A.ROO is very particular when working with partner restaurant merchants. The packaging, quality of food orders, and proper sanitation measures, are observed and regulated. They pay particularly close attention to sanitation and disinfection, most especially since PICK.A.ROO provides daily essentials and everyday eats. 
PICK.A.ROO’s partner merchants are given all the tools, backend support, data, and analytics they need, in order to assist them. On top of this, the company provides real-time assistance to swiftly attend to merchant concerns. 

Since PICK.A.ROO is an all-Filipino team, Filipino workers and retailers in the country are being supported. Where safety and hygiene are of utmost importance now more than ever, all PICK.A.ROO crew are provided face masks, face shields, and PPEs, so they’re protected, and customers are protected. FWD Life Philippines provides insurance to all the company’s riders and personal shoppers. On top of providing protection, they are also provided with a financial literacy program.

PICK.A.ROO was thoughtfully created with the local community’s needs at its core. This is something the company stands by, not only where users are concerned, but the entire team, and roster of merchants as well. PICK.A.ROO intentionally decided to focus on the community it’s serving by reallocating all big marketing spend on efforts that would be reinvested back to workers, consumers, and retail partners; offering consumers friendly delivery rates, and creating retail promotions. Since its launch last August, PICK.A.ROO has exceeded initial projections. 

It’s these little details that make the PICK.A.ROO experience a cut above the rest. PICK.A.ROO aspires to be the most-loved all-in-one e-commerce brand. All you need is one app, and that one app is PICK.A.ROO. 

Businesses big or small that are interested in joining PICK.A.ROO can sign up by visiting First time users get P100 off orders of P1000 with code FIRST100. 

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