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7-minute Challenge Battery Test of the realme 7 Pro

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So I got a hold of the realme 7 Pro ahead of its launch and I was eager to test out its claim of the fastest -charging smartphone in the Philippines. The realme 7 Pro comes with a 65W SuperDart Charge and has a 2nd Gen 64MP Sony IMX682 Quad-Camera System. 
The device can charge from zero to 100 percent in just 34 minutes. So I did a challenge with my daughter to check out how many battery percentage the realme 7 Pro can charge in 7 minutes. You can check out the video below.

Now the charger is fast, as in really fast. The fastest charger I've experienced in a phone. Not that may not shock you and may not be something appealing to most of you, but in this time that we live in, time is of the essense and every minute counts. For me who's always on the go, it become very useful and a lifesaver to have something like this with you. 
Now realme claims that it charges 31% in just 7 minutes. If you check out towards the end of the video I got around 29% when I ended it. I could have gotten a bit more if I stated the timer when the phone started charging. But you can notice that in the video, I started the time when I plugged in the charger to the phone which wasn't really fair. That's like a 12-15 second lead of unaccounted charging time. So let's just say to be fair, it could have reach 30-31% in those 7 minutes and I would back realme on this one. 31% in 7 minutes, no sweat!
The realme 7 Pro also packs a quad-camera rear set-up composed of a 2nd Generation Sony IMX682 64MP main camera, an 8MP 119° ultra-wide-angle lens, macro and B&W portrait lens, allowing users to explore a variety of photography styles. Both its rear and 32MP in-display front camera also boast a UIS Video Stabilization capability, ensuring smooth videos for content creation. Under the realme 7 Pro’s hood is a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G mobile processor which has an accelerated on-device AI that powers intelligent performance. Users of the realme 7 Pro will also enjoy a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Fullscreen.
realme Philippines has more surprises in store for those be joining the livestream launch on September 30. Fans and the Filipino realme Squad are encouraged to follow realme Philippines’ official accounts on Facebook and Instagram with who would the social media handle @realmePhilippines to get more updates on the launch and other brand promos.

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