Interest in Condominiums on the Rise in 2020

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Back in the day, everyone dreamt of having the perfect house and lot surrounded by landscaped gardens and refreshing scenery. But due to the lack of space for horizontal developments in metropolitan areas, the demand for vertical developments increased. 

Now, condominiums are on top, with houses coming in second place, according to several data on Philippine real estate for the first two months of 2020. This is a telltale sign of the continuous interest and demand for condominiums for the rest of 2020, and for the next coming years.

Here are some of the reasons condominiums in Quezon City and everywhere else in the country are the most sought-after property type this 2020.

Convenience and Leisure
Most condo developments are built in booming areas such as townships and business districts, making them close to various kinds of establishments, such as fitness centers, spas, a wide array of restaurants, coffee shops, banks, supermarkets, shopping centers, and much more. 

Nowadays, most people prefer to live conveniently close to these establishments because of the leisure of time and comfort they experience in thriving metropolitan areas such as Makati and Fort Bonifacio. 

Living Close to Work 
Many condominiums are built close to thriving IT and BPO hubs in the Philippines, which is why young professionals opt for condominiums and apartments for rent, such as those in Makati. Not only do they access their offices without the hassles of traffic, but they can also avail of the endless services and leisures the city has to offer. 

A Space-Efficient Alternative 
Condominiums are a space-efficient alternative for people who want to live in the city, or at least close to the booming business districts in the city. Metro Manila doesn’t have enough space to accommodate horizontal developments, hence the demand for condominiums. 

Some pre-selling condos in QC offer spacious units, such as three-bedroom to five-bedroom unit types, which are ideal for people who want more space and bigger families. 

Living a High-End Lifestyle 
Living in condominiums usually means a high-end lifestyle. Developments offer a plethora of amenities to provide a relaxing, refreshing, and somehow laid-back atmosphere amidst the booming city lifestyle. 

It’s a Worthy Investment 
Pre-selling condominiums tend to be cheaper than ready-for-occupation units, which is why many prefer to buy during the pre-selling period rather than buying a completed unit. 

Buying pre-selling condo units is a worthy investment because their market value increases over time. Likewise, potential owners have the opportunity to lease out the property once it’s finished, or bestow it to future generations in the next years. 

As a whole, the rapidly growing interest in condominiums is because people are opting for more space-efficient homes in the city that promote a high-end lifestyle of convenience, productivity, leisure, and relaxation.

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