Avail of your Starbucks Grande beverage with only 8 beverage stars from June 16 - July 15.

For one whole month, Starbucks understands that you can't that people can't go out that often so they made sure to make it easy for you to claim those rewards when you visit. 

From June 16 - July 15, you only need 8 stars to redeem any Grande beverage with up to 2 add-ons! Now isn't that exciting. 

Recently, Starbucks announced that they are also making great changes on the My Starbucks Rewards program. They say that it's going to be better and that got people excited. Easier and faster, this new Starbucks Rewards looks like you can earn and use your stars here and outside select countries. Well, we are not so sure but they have the line "A WORLD OF EXCLUSIVE REWARDS AWAITS" So we just assumed it's going to be that awesome. Maybe Asia first? :)
On the new Starbucks Rewards, you can collect Stars on almost everything you buy and earn rewards in fewer visits. A good move from the brand now that people are more cautious in going out.

Promising to get more of your favorite things for free. This sure is a rewards program worth looking into. 

You can check out the FAQs from the Starbucks site here.

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