Catch the Colonel at the KFC Island on Animal Crossing and you just might get real KFC bucket for free!

Playing Animal Crossing and craving for KFC? Easy! You can drop by Colonel's KFC island and meet the man himself! We at mixofeverything have checked and visited the island and there are lots of cool stuff there. Different attractions that are sure to remind you of the things you love and miss at KFC.

If you want to dine in there, well don't worry. They have a mini restaurant! Check out these cool KFC-themed areas.
KFC mini Kitchen - Animal Crossing
A typography island where you can play and maybe even pick out flowers? (yeah!)
(KFC typography)
And right over there is where the 11 secret herbs & spices are store. Protected and hard to get to.

Another cool thing here in the KFC island is if you're lucky and you spot the Colonel, he'll give you a code for a real 8-pc bucket of KFC, FREE! Yes, real chicken bucket and not just in the game!
Free real 8-pc KFC bucket!
Now that's a finger lickin' good deal! Free KFC fried chicken just by visiting the island? Let's go then! If you want to enter the KFC Animal Crossing Island? Follow @kfcphilippines on Facebook and wait for the daily Dodo code.

The KFC island is made by the @ogilvymnl and @kfcphilippines! Now that's awesome!

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