[Movie Review] Sonic the Hedgehog 2020

Sonic the Hedgehog received a lot of buzz last year when the movie company released the trailer and featured a different-looking Sonic. Sega and Sonic fans quickly took to social media their concerns and now here's the final product. It's 2020 and I think that the Sonic version this year is so so much better than the first one.
The movie starts with the story of Sonic having to leave his home planet to be safe from bad guys who are trying to capture him and use his special abilities. He then gets teleported to a galaxy on the other end and ended up on earth. He then encounters a police officer played by James Marsden who played it well btw. 
They then team up together to escape and fight off the evil Doctor Eggman (Jim Carey) and his advanced robot army. Jim Carey was spectacular and funny! He was in his element and something that you'd expect out of Jim. He's on top of every scene and just amazing to watch. Like Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Grinch in one! 
The story is pretty much simple.... and fun! There are some scenes where I just enjoyed and laughed so much that I'm willing to let some small things go. Like how the subplot on the first few scenes at the start of the movie wasn't resolved (at least for me, or maybe I missed it) It then jumps to Sonic running away from the US Government and chased by Doctor Eggman. I've no comment on human actors. I think that they blended well with each other while giving the proper highlight to the start of the movie, Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz).
Not that it bothers me but there are some obvious product placements in the movie like Zillow and Olive Garden which I don't think you'd miss. Not sure many people would relate to it here in the PH but I guess mostly in the states. Not that it bothers me, but did allow me to roll my eyes, smirk and groan just a little bit.
This is a movie I think that the SEGA and Sonic fans will appreciate. Overall, the movie is cute, adorable, fun and fast! I give it around B to B+. Watch it as it zooms into theaters on February 19, 2020.

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