Super Delights Brownie Bites, Perfect Travel snack

Whenever we travel and for a quick staycation, we always end up asking each other “anong baon natin?”. Being a Filipino, one of our guilty pleasures would be snacking and a road trip is never a hungry drive. Something easy to consume & friendly on the pocket. 
I stumbled upon this cool pre-packaged snacks called Super Delights Brownie Bites. It satisfies my grumbling stomach and is perfectly portioned. Packed individually, it ensures the freshness of each brownie bite which is also perfect for traveling. You can easily put it in your pocket, pouch & bag. Not everyone gets hungry at the same time, and nobody wants to eat stale brownies when someone else has opened the package. Just remember to keep the wrapper/packaging. It's not good for the environment when you irresponsibly throw these small packets anywhere.
The Super Delight Brownie Bites is Fudgy, chocolatey goodness is something you can enjoy it in the car, boat, plane & basically anywhere. This addicting brownie treat is usually stocked in my office drawer & at the glove compartment of my car. 
A treat that's not too sweet but enough to be a treat which is also a great energy booster and a pick-me-up treat while traveling or stuck in traffic.

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