[Movie Review] Yesterday Movie

"Yesterday", is a romantic love story where two individuals have remained friends for over a decade and not tell each other how they feel towards one another. A classic plot but throw in an interesting part of the story where Jack Malik played by Hamesh Patel, a struggling singer-songwriter got hit by a bus during a global blackout and then discovers that no one else on earth has heard of 'The Beatles'.

Lily James who was adorable in the movie plays Ellie who is his manager & childhood friend who's always been supportive and encourages Jack to not give up on his dreams.

The movie provided enough background on the story & didn't waste time getting to the interesting part of the movie where Jack Malik starts picking up fame & performing The Beatles songs which were very entertaining. Jack also battles with the morals of taking credit for the wonderful 'Beatles' music he has created, it also shows the reality of the record labels and the craziness of launching his debut album. 
Kate McKinnon plays Jack's manager who also gives a very unique comedy to every scene she's & and sarcasm which breaks the tension. Ed Sheeran plays a fictionalized version of himself who gave Jack his big break.

There was some unique & refreshing cinematography during the early parts of the movie. Some bubbly editing & lyrics also flashes on-screen also adds a nice touch in the whole pop feel of the music. Directed by Danny Boyle, known for movies like The Beach, Slumdog Millionaire. 127 Hours & Steve Jobs, this particular movie is different from the type of movies he's known for, it still works and has carefully placed the music in every scene.

While the idea of the screenwriter, Richard Curtis who imagined the world where no Beatles songs exist is not exactly a goldmine, the corniness & the screen presence of Hamesh & Lily kept me glued to the story. Tensions are lightened with some cute jabs of comedy most from Rocky, Jack's roadie friend and some really touching moments from Jack & Ellie.

While I think that the screenplay & the direction could have been improved, it still doesn't take away the part where you'd enjoy the movie because of the two characters, their story, the support & of course the music. I just wish that the songs weren't used as Karaoke pieces by Yack but is also used as part of the plot. Overall, I would still recommend it and I rate it 7.5/10.

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