Check Out This Hip Vegan Restaurant in Makati

The Philippines has come a long way from being called one of the worst countries in the world to be a vegan. In the four years since ABS-CBN reported on the infamous list, more and more vegan establishments have popped up all over the country. A great many of them are to be found in Metro Manila. One that recently got on our radar is the newly opened cafe Cosmic in Poblacion, Makati. 

Situated above a Mini Stop along General Luna Street, it is almost too difficult to find and doesn’t look like much from the outside. The interiors, however, are beautifully designed and cozy. The mismatched wooden furniture give it a rustic charm, which is a great contrast to the busy streets of Makati. 
Upon looking at their menu, you could tell that the restaurant is more on the affordable side. The appetizers don’t go beyond PHP150, and I ordered a tempura platter of king oyster mushrooms, nori seaweed, and special bagnet. Yes, there is bagnet made entirely out of plants. It does not taste like the Ilocano delicacy I was accustomed in my years as an omnivore, but it's nonetheless a very tasty dish that's highly recommended. 

The real star of the spread was the spinach lasagna. Dare I say that it tastes better than most meat-based lasagnas I’ve ever had. There were vegan bacon bits sprinkled into the layers of cheesy goodness. Their sisig is also a must-try which pairs perfectly well with the passion fruit ginger mocktail. I ordered the egg-free leche flan for dessert, and ended my first Cosmic experience on a high note. 

It’s only been a few weeks since Cosmic opened its doors but it’s already generating buzz among the growing community of vegans in the metro. In fact, I heard about it from the Facebook group Vegans of Manila that brought VegFest Pilipinas to the country. It's an annual vegan festival, and the third edition will be held on November 17-18. As a vegan myself, the first two years were very exciting and introduced me to many people in the community, as well as many vegan establishments. 

Veganism is still a growing trend in the country and I have heard different reasons for why people follow the lifestyle in the first place. Many of us experiment with plant-based diets because of health issues brought on by a life of eating meat. Weight management is one of its main benefits as long as you maintain healthy eating. This is Insider highlights that many new vegans make the mistake of going crazy on junk food as long as it’s cruelty-free. You may be saving animals but you’re not doing your health any favors by eating french fries and Oreos. Plants contain virtually all the essential nutrients that a person needs to survive and keep the body clean of harmful substances. In fact, weight loss supplements are primarily plant-based. Pretty Me lists down the common ingredients including ginseng, African natto and wheat germ. When combined, these plant-based ingredients maintain gut health and improve your overall wellbeing. 

Instead of frequenting fast food chains, why not visit something new like Cosmic? You will have an amazing time sampling all the delicious food without breaking your wallet and your diet. If you’re interested in more food reviews, check out our recent post about modern Eurasian cuisine.

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