Avara Nature & Yacht Club Soon to Open in Palawan

Alright, imagine yourself being able to cruise around the islands of Palawan in your own yacht and waking up to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore while staying in a beautiful resort inspired by Maldivian architecture style of accommodation and design.

That's what Avara Nature & Yacht Club is offering, the easy life on the seaside. First of its kind, a nature and yacht club located at Calauag Bar in Taytay which was Palawan's first capital. Established by the Seaside Premier Development Corporation, the exclusive resort was formally unveiled at the Grand Hyatt Manila led by its President and CEO Ms. Veronica C. Young. 

Avara which means Sunshine Island, is an eco-luxurious resort that use solar panels as renewable energy, utilizing a recycled water treatment system, maximizes a hydroponic garden, and take advantage of other eco-materials available. The accommodation is inspired by Maldivian architecture where members can choose to stay in a one-bedroom Water Villa with jacuzzi, two-bedroom Water Villa with private infinity pool or one or two-bedroom Beach Casitas. Avara will have the privilege to to use a two-bedroom yacht with crew for an overnight stay or for cruising. 
Of course, the resort will have the best facilities for its members shared the President & CEO Ms. Veronica Young. The place will have retail spaces where members can also be concessionaires to open their own business. The island can accommodate as many as 100 guests at their main dining area and at the grill restaurant. There's a poolside bar, a seaside bar and lounge, picnic areas and private dining venues. It will have all the nice amenities and services like what a top resort will have and also some water sports and leisure activities
President & CEO, Veronica C. Young - Seaside Premier Development Corporation
Truly the Avara Nature & Yacht Club is offering a lot and sure is too good to be true. Set to open at around 2020, this project will surely change the game of resort living and yacht clubs. "Avara Nature and Yacht Club bridging the middle class to the lifestyle of the rich an famous. As Seaside Premier Development Corporation's flagship project, we aim to redefine seaside living, where nature meets luxury" shared President & CEO Veronica C. Young.
Board of Directors - Veronica Young,  Regina Barleta, Teresa Bigornia & John Anthony Calub
Not present - Chef William "Billy" King, Joel Garcia, Eugene Osias

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