Travel Goals with AirAsia and Solaire Resort

Photo from their first partnership in 2014. Read about it here.
Here's another partnership from AirAsia and Solaire Resort. Travel goals are now within reach for Solaire Rewards members. Card holders of Silver Tier, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond can now earn travel rewards from the status of the points they earn. This exciting partnership is a way to reward loyal Solaire Resorts patrons and also let other know that making that dream to travel can now be reach through these kinds of loyalty programs.

Cyrus Sherafat, the Solaire Resort & Casino’s Executive Vice-President for Casino Marketing shares “AirAsia’s presence globally allows us to continue providing our guests with memorable experiences that go beyond our property. We are delighted that we can reward our loyal Solaire Rewards members with AirAsia exclusive privileges no matter where they are, and fully enjoy their dream destinations.” 

Solaire Resort & Casino’s Executive Vice President for Casino Marketing Cyrus Sherafat,
and AirAsia BIG Loyalty Chief Commercial Officer Victor Kaw during the signing ceremony.
One Solaire Rewards Status Point will be equivalent to one AirAsia BIG Point, making it easier to track and redeem that much coveted flight upon linking the AirAsia BIG Member ID to Solaire Rewards.

The AirAsia BIG Loyalty Program lets its members earn AirAsia BIG Points through every plane ticket bought, hotel bookings via travel partners and even on purchases from over 160 lifestyle merchant partners. BIG members can fully maximise the value of AirAsia BIG Points and use it just like cash to fully redeem for their flights including taxes and airport fees, making their flight absolutely free. The more AirAsia BIG Points they earn, the more they will be able to save when they redeem with their AirAsia BIG Points.

AirAsia BIG Loyalty Chief Commercial Officer Victor Kaw said, "Solaire Resort & Casino offers their customers a multitude of activities and services to enjoy, from recreation and dining to entertainment and shopping. We are excited that we can now extend the privileges of AirAsia BIG Points that are just as valuable as cash to their customers, taking them further around the world easier, faster and better than ever." 

Make every Solaire experience count and let your loyalty reward you with your big dream. Sign up to Solaire Rewards and AirAsia BIG Loyalty and start earning points to your next destination. 

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