GetGOing with Cashalo


Cashalo, the #1 solution that gives Filipinos financial freedom through fast and affordable access to credit on-demand, and GetGo, Cebu Pacific’s lifestyle rewards program, announced today a new partnership that will provide GetGo members with greater flexibility and opportunity while planning their next getaway. 

Existing members only need to download the Cashalo app via Google Play or the App Store, sign up with their GetGo credentials (mobile number and email address) along with an invitation code provided exclusively on GetGo channels, and earn 50 GetGo points once registered. As a bonus, from August 15 - October 15, users will be eligible to earn 250 more GetGo points when they successfully avail of their first loan through the Cashalo app. 

Studies show that Filipinos love to travel, may it be locally or internationally. Filipinos made at least 5 million international trips in 2015, and 3 out 5 Filipinos aged 15 and above made trips within the country in 2016, with 99% arranging their own trips.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GetGo who share our goal of helping Filipinos achieve more,” says Hamilton Angluben, General Manager of Cashalo. “Enabling greater flexibility, freedom and opportunity is at the core of what we do. Traveling is an important part of every Filipino’s lifestyle and this partnership is the first of many in our commitment to serving more Filipinos in many ways.”

“We’re excited to be Cashalo’s partner as we add more rewarding ways to make traveling more accessible for every Juan,” adds Nik Laming, General Manager of GetGo Rewards. “Watch out because we have more surprises coming for Cashalo customers and GetGo members.” 

Cashalo enables quick, easy and secure access to credit through its innovative mobile-app. Offering some of the lowest interest rates in the market and with same-day approval and disbursement, Cashalo is already being used by thousands of Filipinos to build their financial futures. 

GetGo, one of the leading lifestyle rewards programs in the Philippines, has been consistent with giving its members the travel benefits and experiences they deserve. Through this partnership with Cashalo, GetGo stays true to their promise of providing its loyal members more opportunities to earn GetGo points and increase their chances of flying to their dream vacations for free. 

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