TEQ63 Manila Killa- ToyCon 2018 Exclusive Limited Edition

If you were able to catch my ToyCon 2018 blog post here, well you'd know that I was able to score my first TEQ63 vinyl toy. Created by Quiccs Maiquez, a Filipino artist who's made it into the international toy scene.

As soon as I saw the sign and their booth on the first day of ToyCon 2018, I knew something was up. Filipinos were lined up, even some other Asian individuals were also lined up to purchase this limited edition release of Quiccs for his TEQ63 collection. I was prying around, observing and waiting to talk to some customer and ask around why they bought this piece. When I couldn't find the chance, googled to my best to find out who's this Quiccs guy and why people are lining up. This is what I saw.
Now I remember watching something way back on YouTube about Filipino toy makers and when I research on that, this link from Matanglawin and this one from the FanBoySEO popped up.

After a few more reads, I built up the courage, lined up and ask if there were still some left. Stocks were running out fast and as I was about to purchase, I realize I didn't have money on me, then another guy ask if there were stocks left and the guy selling said there were only 6 left! Then I rushed to the ATM not knowing why but I rushed to the ATM in styled. I realized that the other guy who asked for the remaining stock was beside me also rushing to the ATM. Ha! It was like a race and to cut it short, I got back in line, purchased this TEQ63 Manila Killa ToyCon 2018 Exclusive Limited Edition and had it signed. I got the 3rd to the last item and was pretty happy with my purchase.

I think I'm a sucker for limited editions. Well, maybe not the mainstream ones. I saw a couple of Funko Pop toys on sale with a bunch of promos which made me groan. Maybe I grew past that or just got tired of the countless releases. :) I guess what I'm trying to say here is... I felt better with my purchase of TEQ63 than any other Funko Pop toys I bought in the past. Haha! No hate there, just keepin it real! These Filipino artists, toy makers, they are not an easy gig. Making it international, being known in the toy making workd and earning the respect of fellow toy creators and fans, that's got to be something. So, cheers to you Quiccs and Wetworks! Looking forward to more designs from you guys. I promise to support you guys whenever I can! 

So anyways, here's an unboxing treat for you guys! Hope you like these!

Front shot of the TEQ63 Manila Killa Toy,

and the back shot of the TEQ63 Manila Killa Toy. Quiccs also signed the back of the head / helmet.

Every TEQ63 toy comes with extra arms if you want his arms out. 

If you want to know if the other guy I raced to the ATM made it, well he did. He got the last one! But it took him a couple of minutes more. Maybe he got intercepted somewhere haha. Glad he made it though, otherwise I'd feel bad. hehe So I hope you guys liked this post. If you do, please share! 

A couple of trivia about Quiccs
  • Quiccs graduated from Ateneo de Manila University and is currently a Creative Director at Burnwater Design Studios.
  • Quiccs' brand is Bulletpunk Universe which includes (TEQ63, Ghost of Kurosawa, Mariko, Sharko and Remi)
  • TEQ63 is Quiccs first character and 63 represents the country code of the Philippines which is +63
  • Heavily influenced by the 90's Hip hop culture, Gundam and grafitti
  • Quiccs online store's main market is the United States at 70-80%
  • Won Custom of the Year (Fan) in 2017

Here's Quiccs, signing my TEQ63 Manila Killa Toycon 2018 Exclusive Limited Edition. If you want to know more about his works, google. :) Let's support local artists and toy creators guys!

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