[Read] My Visit at the ToyCon 2018

Myke Soon with the Philippine Lego Users Group exhibit in SMX Mall of Asia.
I used to be active and part of this group, but it's expensive Ha Ha!
ToyCon 2018 is here and I was able to visit the 3-day exhibit at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia on their first day. What's good about being there on the first day is you get survey the place first, check out some cool booths with less crowd. For the collectors, you get first dibs on items that are up for selling. May it be for your collections or for resale, by being there early, you get to enjoy more options and limited editions. Thing is though, the rest of the halls are not setup yet if you're too early. Best day I guess would be Saturday or Sunday. Annnnddd you won't be able to meet the special guests, performers and see much cosplayers early on the first day. So that's the downside.

Anyways, that's what I did. I had no particular plan on what to get, but I was just in it to be amazed and see what I can possibly find this year. From the entrance where I came in, was immediately greeted by this really nice setup of Mars Ravelo's creation. How it evolved and how it looks now makes it looks so world class. Darna & Serpentina never looked this hot AF. Ha ha!

Not sure I saw this already last year but Captain Barbel here looks so legit. The display perfectly shows the superhero with TengTeng wielding the magic barbell. Now that Lastikman is far from the Vic Sotto version but I never wanted to be one so bad after seeing this cool sculpture.

I got busy taking some shots of the characters display and I though they were pretty amazing. Here's a couple I took using my Canon M6 using a 50mm lens.

Sick details right? Here are some more portrait mode shots.
There were also some toys that just takes you back to your childhood days. Was looking for one that has a cool Trunks toy but I couldn't find one so here's Vegetta and Goku instead. Some classic Mario & Luigi for you and Zelda.

Crowd started to pickup and I felt that I had to leave. I didn't want to be there when crowd starts to fill the place up. There were some cool items being sold here, like classic old toys which are still in good condition, some customized bags, shits, stickers, toys, trinkets, artworks, comics and so much more! That one photo down there is a robot built with Bosch power tools! How cool is that?!

There were some games, some new board games which I don't understand and some cool board games (Deadpool Monopoly)

Some loose toys that are as low as P 100 can also be found here and comics that are price as high as P 22,000.

After going around for a bit, I saw this Quiccs x Wetworks booth and people were lining up. Came up and saw a really cool looking toy. Purchases were going down fast and Quiccs the artist was signing every one of them. I got curious and lined up. They were selling the limited edition TEQ63 Manila Killa for P 2,800 from the original 3,500 I think. Long story short, I lined up, got one of the last three and had my toy signed by Quiccs himself! Check out my post on the TEQ63 Manila Killa ToyCon 2018 Exclusive Limited Edition here!

Wetworks was also there and I got to chat with him for a bit before heading out.

So after my purchase I went around some more and took shots, earlier that day, I saw this really nice Elmo toy (for my daughter) that when you press it's tummy, Elmo talks and acts like it's being tickled. I wanted to score one but it's pretty pricey. Luckily I found another one that's not electronic. Quality is good and the arms and legs are semi-posable. So it's good enough! Made in Japan or purchased there. :)

After that, I got out. I was pretty happy overall. Something for me and something for my kid. Best day ever! Thanks to Azrael for the access and congrats to ToyCon for another amazing event!

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