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Myke Soon - The Refined
I read somewhere in the news that a legit Man Cave has been discovered by a couple of men who went on a journey to find the perfect one stop grooming destination for the modern gentlemen. Being the curious guy that I am, I found myself in front of this door and opened up to a world that I can call mine.
The REFINED, is this new grooming destination concept that just opened at the 2nd floor of Fort Pointe II Building, The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Noel Naguiat who is the co-owner and founder of Mankind Grooming Studio for Men out of Canada. He was also the branding, marketing and interior design of the brand since its inception in 2009 which was Toronto's first men-only grooming salon.
Noel Naguiat - The Refined BGC
Noel and his partners decided to open up The Refined in BGC area and later on expand to other key locations in the Metro. Noel shares hi excitement in building and creating this modern concept of an upscale men's-only Grooming Spa in the Philippines. You might be thinking that this is just a barbershop/salon hybrid that we have already seen but Noel shares that this is something more than just that.

The moment you step inside The Refined, you will be welcomed by their friendly staff and with the  simple yet elegant interior. They also have a small arcade in the lobby where you can browse some really nice items for the gentleman. These items are for sale but stocks are very limited so if you see something, be sure to get it.
The nicely done interiors and well-thought-of furniture adds a really nice masculine touch to this space. Big ass mirror and leather cabinets adds character. If you can also notice, The Refined doesn't have barber chairs or salon chairs because The Refined is neither a barber shop or a salon but a unique lifestyle grooming destination for men, so Noel and his team went with this nice and comfortable leather armchair with a nice storage on the arm.
The space is also designed  as a networking space where you can work, setup a meeting or a place where you can meet new people. How I imagined the place to be is kind of like playing golf without actually playing golf. It can also work as an small events venue directed towards men.
After the welcome, they would offer you something to drink to refresh you as you arrive. Having a selection of Groomists - a barber / stylist hybrid, Aestheticians for spa services in partnership with award winning Mandala Spa from Boracay all ready to give you the pampering you need. The Refined offers a couple services including modern and classic professional cuts and styling, straight-razor shaves, hot towel treatments, facial and scalp treatments, MAN-icures, hand treatments and pedicures, massages and more. But one that is highly recommended is the OMEGA service which is a combination of a lot priced at P 1,000. A guy would need to allot around 60-70 minutes to fully appreciate and maximize the service. For the Omega service, after the welcome, they will sit you down for a short consultancy on your preferred style and they will take you to the wash area for hair wash with scalp treatment, mini facial and a body massage.
After the relaxing facial, hair treatment and massage, they will sit you back to your throne and start on working. Haircut, manicure and they will also polish your shoe.
The OMEGA package comes with a complimentary drink that you can enjoy during the session or after. May it be a cocktail, whisky or a neat Remy Martin cognac, it's on the house! Oh and there's an option for coffee. At this point you are ready for your last rinse and stylin'. You can also get a minor shave or a simple trim on the 'stache or beard for free if its minimal. For this session, you get to sit on the bad ass barber chair - the only barber chair at The Refined. I was the first one to try this one and yeah I take pride in that. This is also the place where simple tattoos will be done. There will be a curtain here for cover during sessions.
In today’s culture, everyday living often leaves us feeling stress and taxed. Daily pressures can take its toll on your sense of well-being, body, skin and hair, and the rate at which you age. We all know that it is important to make time for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. In today’s society, women are surrounded with endless options of services, which allow them to “recharge”. Unfortunately for men, the market is not saturated with the abundance of options, which would allow them to enjoy the same perks. It's nice that now that The Refined is here, us men can now be recharged and refined from head-to-toe. 

Just to be clear, women are not banned from the exclusive gentleman's cave, it's just that they cannot enter if they are now accompanied by a gentleman. :)  and they can't have treatments done there also.
The Refined is an upscale contemporary lounge concept offering modern haircuts, straight razor shaves, skin care and body treatments and massage therapy all designed to relax, refresh and renew. To learn more about The Refined, visit or check out the place located at 2F Fort Pointe II Building | The Fort Strip | Bonifacio Global City, Taguig | 1634 Metro Manila info@there

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