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[Footwear] Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection

By June 27, 2017 , , ,

We all need a great pair of shoes as we go and run after our dreams. With the new Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection—an assortment of five Nike footwear icons in crisp, white perforated leather with hints of gold—you can do just that. 

This collection is inspired by Elaine Thompson, the first female sprinter since 1988 to accomplish the 100 and 200-meter sprints during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Each shoe is embellished with Elaine’s signature, her mantra “one life, one chance,” and her winning times of 21:78 for 200 meters and 10:71 for 100 meters.

A limited edition Nike footwear collection inspired by a female athlete and her boundary-breaking accomplishments, the Beautiful X Powerful Collection is part of Elaine’s effort to leave a legacy and inspire younger female athletes to follow their dreams. 

The Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection is available at select Nike stores and leading retailers starting at Php 4,795 SRP.

Nike Beautiful X Powerful Blazer Low | Php 5,295

Nike Beautiful X Powerful Cortez Classic | Php 4,795

Nike Beautiful X Powerful Air Max Thea, Php 6,295

Nike Beautiful X Powerful Air Max Jewell | Php 6,295

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