I made the best choice with Shell V-Power!


"It's about making the best choice not just for your valued car but also for you." 

Everyday, we are given choices and everyday we try to make the best decision possible. These moments leads to where we will be someday and of course we only want the best for our future. It may be products or services, but definitely the things that we choose today will affect us on how we work our way towards our goals. Now, wouldn't it be a lot better to have nothing but the best? 
Going on the road isn't as easy as it sounds. Filling up ordinary gas to one of your life's investment isn't something that we should take lightly. Now I understand that others prefer value power performance while others value efficiency, but good thing Pilipinas Shell understands this and that's why they continue to develop better, if not the best fuel formulations so far. To better equip us on the road, Shell worked with the best team with 170 fuel scientists innovating products to help meet the evolving needs of drivers and motorists.

On the day they launched their newest product, they started one of the biggest convoy trip from different parts of the metro, all the way to Mall of Asia's globe rotunda then concluding inside the SMX for their grand launch. (Check out the blog post here)

For more that five years or work and research, Shell V-Power now has brand new formulations and is the only fuel co-engineered with and recommended by the iconic Formula 1 race team, Scuderia Ferrari. Now, you ask, what's new and what does that have anything to do anything? Well, the new Shell V-Power fuels are now formulated with its proprietary DYNAFLEX Technology. This technology contains new friction-reducing molecules helping engine parts that are difficult for lubricating oil to reach like the area between the piston ring and the cylinder wall. What does that mean? It allows the piston to slide up and down more easily, and improves the performance of the engine – whether you are cruising down the highway or in city traffic. How's that for improvement?
Available in three variants, Shell V-Power Gasoline, Shell V-Power Racing, and Shell V-Power Diesel. The Shell V-Power Racing and V-Power Gasoline fuels target two key factors that can impact engine efficiency and performance – namely friction and deposits. While the new Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to help restore up to 100% of your engine’s performance3 by removing deposits from fuel injectors. 

Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail shares "We are constantly faced with the challenge to keep up with the rapid evolution of vehicle technology and the changing needs of our customers, We understand their desire to give their vehicles the best which, in turn, may also help them perform at their best as well. This is why we have spent over half a decade of research and development to produce our best-ever fuel,1 the new Shell V-Power."

With the changing driving conditions, I recommend that you get a premium fuel that offers performance which is also formulated for efficiency. So, when will you make the best choice for you and your car? 

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