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Workout in Style & Comfort with Uniqlo Sport Apparel

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Let's face it, one thing that we worry about when we start working out is if our outfit would look good on us. Okay maybe that's the second thing, the first concern for me would be comfort. I don't want to workout be uncomfortable with what I'm wearing like the shorts and shirt maybe too tight, or the fabric doesn't breath at all. That also goes for our daily on-the-go set or the active wear.
Here's me and Duane getting some shots and semi working out
Nowadays, with the very hectic schedule of people and a time where we end up doing more on top of our busy lives, we still try to find balance in our lifestyle while also having an active and healthy levels of activity. Wearing active clothing has become a global trend and people are starting to adjust to this style and making changes on their wardrobe making it functional and stylish.

Now, Katsumi Kubota who is the Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO Philippines saw this and they are showcasing their latest Uniqlo Sport lineup. Highlighting on the latest collection for women's apparel would be the AIRism UV Cut Mesh T-Shirt, AIRism Yoga Cropped Pants, DRY Yoga Tunic and the AIRism Seamless Bra. For Men's apparel, the AIRism Performance Sipport Tights and DRY-EX Polo Shirt. They also have Performance Socks for accessories.
Bloggers Duane Bacon, Rodel Flordeliz, Myke Soon and the EON team, Danica, Marcy and Therese
I got invited by Uniqlo Philippines to try out some of their UNIQLO Sport apparels and the crime scene was at Primal Ape Crossfit where I almost died (Fine, that's an exaggeration) 'Fainted' is the word. I know Crossfit, I heard of it, I've seen in done many times but I'm not sure I remember actually 'doing' crossfit. I thought I knew what I was in for... I thought I was ready, but I wasn't. I thought I was fit enough but then I thought wrong.
May look like I'm laughing here but I'm really crying inside.
It started out with 2 rounds or warmup jog and I felt good! Adrenaline was pumping and I was ready for more. Then came the lunges and then half pushup something, and the many other basic body movements you wouldn't think would be a lot harder that you thought. I stopped a few times to catch my breath and I was huffing and puffing out air faster than I can breathe and I thought to myself, "Man, I'm out of shape" and that was just the warm up. The actual workout is around 10-15 minutes full body workout and it started after the warm up. We all took a break before the actual workout and I just stayed where I sat, I observed and took photos. Don't judge me, I've been gifted to know when to stop before I pass out. It was a good think I stayed because what came after next, I don't think my physical body can take.

Okay, here's Ryan San Juan, a fellow blogger with Gen. Bato who also 'rested' at the end part of the session. :)
(No female participants were harmed or harassed by and Ryan was safe, he just needed to catch a breather)
It's not that the workout was impossible to finish or really hard, but it's just that I am so out of shape which was the reason why I was having a difficult time catching up. In my mind, I was ready but this old body is catching up. :) I guess I should be getting more exercise and I need to stay more active. 

All the time I was doing the warmup and moving around, the Uniqlo Sport that I was wearing didn't give me any uneasiness or nor made it hard for me to move. The fabric was very breathable and light and I think that's what I liked about the stuff that I was wearing. The shorts I was wearing also has pockets and a secret pocket! Oh and did I mention, they are very stylish too!
I now know where I can get affordable workout and active wear clothes. So to Uniqlo Philippines, thanks for having us! .We had fun and we look forward to more Uniqlo Sport events with you guys!

Some details of the Uniqlo Sport I was wearing.

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