Laser Skin Tightening Questions and Answers

For several decades skincare specialists have been using lasers to treat a variety of skin problems. Wrinkles are at the top of the list. So, if you happen to struggle with sagging or wrinkled skin, a laser procedure might be just what the doctor, or in this case skincare clinician, ordered. Here are some questions and answers that can set you straight on how lasers work and whether or not you should book a laser appointment yourself.

What is the Purpose of Laser Skin Therapy?
Although skin can sag anywhere on the body, the most embarrassing skin sags and wrinkles often occur on the neck or face. That's why face lifts used to be the go-to procedures for tightening up sagging skin. Unfortunately, face lifts are expensive, time consuming, and sometimes risky. Going in for face lift surgery means admittance to the hospital and having to deal with things like anesthesia, as well as the hefty price tag associated with the procedure.

When you choose to have an aesthetic laser procedure you won't have to deal with any of that. Laser skin therapy can usually be performed in a matter of an hour or two, and without laying you up in the hospital for days or weeks.

How Can Lasers Tighten Loose Skin?
Lasers transmit energy in the form of both heat and light. The combination of the two can be used to trick certain processes within the human body to kick in. One of those processes is the production of skin-strengthening collagen. Production of collagen occurs in larger quantities naturally in younger people, but decreases with age. By increasing it again using laser treatment, skin can become stronger and healthier again.

Where are Laser Skincare Treatments Offered?
Only those with medical degrees or specific skincare certifications are allowed to treat people's skin with laser devices. Therefore, you cannot have such a procedure done unless you go to a skincare clinic or doctor's office that offers such skin procedures. With that in mind, there are supposed clinics out there where the staff is not properly trained. So, be sure to check out each clinic thoroughly before you settle on one.

How Will the Laser Skincare Appointment be Conducted?
Every laser skincare procedure booking should start with a consultation appointment during which you and your skincare professional can discuss your treatment options in great detail. Once you are sure of the exact type of laser skin tightening you need, you can book the actual treatment.

When you arrive for your laser skincare treatment you will be expected to fill out a form with your medical history. Then you will be called into the procedure room, where your clinician will prepare your skin by cleaning it thoroughly and applying a cooling or numbing solution to it. After that solution takes effect, which may take several minutes, the technician can begin using the laser to treat your skin. When they do, you might feel your skin heat up a bit, but it shouldn't be painful.

Once the actual laser treatment is done, your clinician should also provide you with aftercare directions that you have to follow to protect your skin. That could include staying out of strong sunlight for a while and using a specific skin cream or lotion to augment the laser therapy.

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