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"Finally a new concept restaurant where I can get Filipino comfort food and have fun!" - Myke Soon

If you guys are looking for a hangout place with Filipino comfort food, I think I may have found the place that's perfect for you. This modern Filipino restaurant is in the areas of Mall of Asia, is located in the not so crowded place just a few steps away from their main mall. The place is Prism Plaza, known for their band performances at night, the place also have other restaurants there and REDD is their newest.

I visited Redd along with other lifestyle and food bloggers to try out their dishes.

The interiors of the room gives away a modern feel of the restaurant playing around with three colors, red, white and black. The place is spacious enough for big groups and has a beer pong area for those who would like to play and have fun while hanging out. On the left side of the room when you enter, you can see a karaoke room. I personally like the idea of having one available in that area. I don't need to go to the bay side and enjoy a decent meal, karaoke and drinks!.

Staple in every Filipino meal is the rice. My favorite would be the Bagoong Rice. (I love anything with Bagoong!) The other one is their Tinapa Rice which was also good.

Let's start with their Pork Binagoongan (P240). Melts in your mouth! It may look tough and deadly, but no. It's tender goodness inside your mouth! Argh! The crispy skin and juicy pork give awesome justification why this would be one of the top dishes to try at Redd. I tell you, it's belly good!

Next up is their Chicken Pork Adobo (P230). This one has a mix of flavors on one dish. The very tasty pork belly bagnet and chicken inasal leg and thigh in their home made special adobo sauce. Explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Next is their Roasted Chicken Pochero (Php 220 Pang Selfie; P 400 Pang Date; P 750 Pang Groupie) and their Sisig Ala Kanto (Php 175)

If you buy sisig around your neighborhood, usually located at your favorite kanto. Those sisig with chopped pig face and ears, add on some chicharon. Well here you go! Sisig ala Kanto! How it's supposed to be. 

Their Beef Caltera is also something to rave about. The flavor and the whole taste is just something that you need to try when you visit Redd. I don't usually order Kansi but Redd's Short Ribs Kansi is good! One can order for one, two or for groups! Php 200 (selfie), Php 400 (pang date), Php 500 (groufie). The other comforting dish below is their Sinampalukang Manok Inasal. Available on different serving sizes. Php 190 (selfie), Php 340 (pangdate), Php 630 (groufie). This dish uses grilled chicken, with a sour sinigang taste which gives out an amazing flavor of the Sinampalukan.

A few more highlights in that afternoon's line up of dishes were the Kare-Kare Trio and of course and Redd's Crispy Pata. Let's talk about the Kare-Kare Trio first. This Kare-Kare has pork, beef and chicken! This dish is also good for sharing. Their Crispy Pata is everything you'd imagine how a good Crispy Pata would be. Not only is it crispy, good, tasty and just delicious, Redd's Crispy Pata has four kinds of dipping sauce! Crispy Pata (Php 700 Pang Date; Php 850 Pang Groupie)

No I know you guys may have had enough pork and meat. So I may be saving the best for last (to vegetarians maybe, my money is on the crispy binagoongan hehe) The dish is called Gising-gising. Using sigarilyas and deep fried chopped tofu adds a nice texture and crunch in this dish. Perfect to pair in one of these sinfully good dishes. :) 

Saving some for dessert, Redd served us with their Turon Overload. While others have banana and langka, Redd's version has sago and cinnamon. (Whaattt??) Wait there's more. Dulce de Leche dip and vanilla ice cream. (mic drop) FTW! Definitely a Filipino favorite with a twist!

Redd also has a wide range of beverage. This one right here I think is a strawberry mint shake! Refreshingly good! 

They also have wide choices of beers, spirits and cocktails. Their skilled bartenders also concocted Filipino themed drinks!

Drinks on the bar! From left to right, Mojito de Guimaras, Sunset by the bay and Coco Martini. Cute name eh? Available per glass ranging from Php 120 - Php 140 or Carafes at Php 600 - Php 700.

So there! :) Will definitely be back for more of Redd's dishes. We haven't really tried all of the yet, I'm pretty excited to try their Karaoke room too! :)

Redd Eat Drink Chill Restaurant is located at the Prisim Plaza, 4th Level of Two E-Com Center Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Tel Nos: 0917 860-4416 / 0926 693-1526 / 775.3982 / 808-7683

More photos below.

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