Green Day’s American Idiot to set stage at Globe Iconic Store

I got an invite to attend a press conference of Globe's upcoming milestone. All I know about it is maybe Globe is sponsoring another show or production but when I got the event I was in for something more. Word is out that Globe Telecom opening its GEN3 store, their world-class Iconic Store at BGC Amphitheater this June 24. Set to be an iconic store, this is designed by Tim Kobe of Eight, Inc. The same designer of the acclaimed Apple store in New York.

As part of the spectacle and entertainment on its opening day, Globe Telecom will also be showcasing the Philippine version of Green Day's American Idiot Musical Production. You'd wonder where there, well the show is going to be outdoors. Truly an ambitious project, but the musical production will be utilizing the glass bridge that will link two Glove store from the opposite sides of the BGC Central Square. This bridge, flanked by two massive LED screens on each side can be converted into a performance space catering to an audience below. 

Joe Caliro - Head of Stores & Retail Transformation, Globe
Executive Producer, American Idiot
“Green Day’s American Idiot is the perfect play to launch the Globe Iconic Store. With the world class entertainment venue we can provide and its unique location, American Idiot’s dynamic story can fully utilize the facility and deliver an immersive theatrical experience like no other. But more importantly we are doing this to be a medium of awareness of the youth today, and bring a valuable lesson of what today’s generation should avoid such as drugs, peer pressure, teen pregnancy and more.” - says Globe Retail Transformation and Stores management Head, Joe Caliro.

The production will be in partnership with 9 Works Theatrical. Part of the cast are from rock icons such as Basti Artadi of Wolfgang, Miggy Chavez of Chicosci, Jason Fernandez and Norby David former Rivermaya vocalists, and veteran thespians Nel Gomez. 
The musical is about a journey of three young men as they face the harsh realities of the world around them – a symbolic post-9/11 America – where they must face the challenges of love, teen pregnancy, war, drugs, and loss. The musical is set to the incredibly biting and riveting music of Green Day that features a surprisingly profound understanding of the pains and frustrations of today’s youth.
The cast features today’s premiere rock and theater acts, to bring a powerhouse performance that represent the current generation. Aside from Jason Fernandez, Miggy Chavez, veteran thespians Nel Gomez, and Basti Atardi. Other cast includes Yanah Laurel (Spring Awakening, Rizal X) and Alex Godinez (Grease, High School Musical) and Ela Lisondra (Disney Paris and Hong Kong, and recent Miss Saigon alumnus).

Rounding up the cast are Kai Atienza (GMA 7 artist), Ariel Reonal (seasoned thespian, Hong Kong Disney and Miss Saigon alumnus), Gian Gloria (Euro Pop Berliner Perle finalist, Marco Polo musical), Mako Alonso (La Cage aux Folles, Rivalry), Sarah Facuri (Grease, No Filter), Chesko Rodriguez (La Cage aux Folles, Universal Studios Singapore), Shalee Vicencio (Disney’s Camp Rock, Alice in Wonderland), Mark Tayag (Rent, The Wedding Singer, Grease) and Kendrick Ibasco (Pinocchio, Rivalry).

Joe also revealed during the interview portions that Globe will be making a significant announcement of the opening of the American Idiot. Now we are excited for that!

Green Day’s American Idiot will have a total of 9 nights show from June 24 till July 9, 2016. Check out more details at Tickets are now also available for purchase via Ticketworld at 8919999 or visit

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