Alden Richards Imparts Values to Habitat Community


Last January 29, Alden Richards, Habitat for Humanity Philippines Ambassador, spent time with home partner children to teach them values formation through a storytelling activity dubbed, “A day of smiles”. 

And full of smiles it was with the children surprised and overwhelmed with joy to see their admired celebrity spend time with them despite his busy schedule. 

One fortunate Habitat home partner family was even personally visited by Alden himself in their home; sharing stories and time about their previous living conditions and how their life has improved since moving into their new home. 

“More than an obligation, it’s what I want to do, especially every January, during my birthday. It’s a way of giving back to the people,” Alden explains. “I feel happy every time I get an opportunity to help others. Nandito kasi heart ko, whenever I help sa mga nangangailangan.” 

“It’s my first time to do storytelling... [When you see] The kids listening and see them smile, in the midst of all the stress of every day, it’s the least that we can do to give them a light moment (Sic),” he adds. 

When asked what he gets out of it, he said that “It makes me more of a person, the real Alden, a real human being (Sic). It’s a break from all the showbiz and our busy schedule. At least an hour or two with the Habitat families, nakaka-eject ako for [a while]. I can be a volunteer, I can help people.” 

Adding more delight to the community and making them feel more loved, Alden treated the children and their parents to McDonald’s meals. 

The Habitat community known as “Bistekville 1” in Bgy. Payatas, Quezon City, is home to more than 250 families who were previously living in unsafe informal settlements and doubling-up in rental housing. 

This time last year, Alden also held his “Birthday Build” in the same community to celebrate by sharing with others – volunteering his time to build homes. 

“Alden’s support to our advocacy is truly admirable. He has dedicated time, energy and resources to helping his fellow Filipino brothers and sisters in need,” Charlie Ayco, Managing Director and CEO of Habitat Philippines said. 

“His generosity is an example to all of us in how we can help build a better Philippines.” 

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