What to Take on a Motorcycle Vacation


Anyone who’s ever taken a long distance motorcycle trip or gone on vacation on their motorcycle will know that packing the correct items is important. When you’re biking on the roads, you don’t have much space for your personal belongings – meaning that it’s essential to choose what you take wisely. We’ve put together a checklist for you of things that you should definitely consider packing for the trip. 

Bluetooth Helmet
Any experienced biker will know how important it is to wear a protective helmet any time they are riding on their motorcycle. In many countries and states, it’s required by law that motorcyclists wear a protective helmet. If you’re considering buying a new helmet for your upcoming trip, a Bluetooth enabled helmet is both an excellent and practical choice. Bluetooth helmets allow you to connect remotely to your smartphone in order to listen to music, follow GPS instructions, and make and receive calls, all hands free. If a new helmet isn’t in your budget, you can buy Bluetooth sets for many different standard helmets from www.motochanic.com

Ear Plugs
When you’ve been on the road for a long period of time, it can get really noisy. Many bikers don’t like the idea of riding with ear plugs, however when you’re on a long road trip, you’ll be surprised at how noisy the inside of a helmet can be when you’re on the highway. Wearing ear plugs means that you won’t need to deal with that nasty ringing inside your ears or a headache once you’ve reached your destination. 

Spare Gloves
Riding long distance usually means that you’ll need to deal with all different kinds of weather. When you’re on your bike for hours at a time in all different parts of a country, you can find yourself in scorching hot sun, and then torrential rain not long after. Making sure that you have a spare pair of motorcycle gloves with you can help you to stay on top of your body temperature – plus you won’t need to ride for hours with soaking wet hands. Investing in temperature control motorcycle clothing might also be a great option if you’re expecting to encounter all kinds of weather. 

Tool Kit
Motorcyclists know that part of the joy of owning a bike is having to fix them when they break down. Motorcycles break down all the time and things go wrong, and the last thing that you need is to be left stranded on a highway in the middle of an unknown area without a tool kit to patch up whatever’s gone wrong with your bike until you can find a rest stop. If you’re riding somewhere new, a toolkit is almost as essential as your helmet, and you should find one that’s specific to your bike in order to make things easier should you have to use it at any point during your trip.

What items do you never leave behind when you take motorcycle vacation? We’d love to hear from you – drop us a line in the comments.

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