Would You Incorporate Any of These Weird Wedding Traditions From Around The World Into Your Big Day?


Making your wedding memorable is usually one of your goals when you are planning the big day. Even if you are on a tight budget, if you can make your wedding unique rather than lavish, it'll be one your friends will be talking about for years to come! You can find lots of great budget wedding bargains at ukweddingsavings.co.uk, but if you are looking for inspiration for interesting ways you can make your wedding a little more unusual than the others your friends and family will go to, then there are some pretty weird traditions from around the world that you could consider adopting! 

While some are cute, some are funny, and some are pretty bizarre, it can be fun to see how marriage is celebrated elsewhere in the world. But would you add any of these to your own wedding proceedings?

'Blackening the Bride'
This wedding tradition actually comes from the UK – parts of Scotland, to be precise – however it is not for the faint hearted. Before the wedding, the guests and other members of the couple's community come together to hurl as much disgusting stuff as they can find at them. Rotting vegetables, general garbage, it is all fair game in this tradition known as 'blackening the bride'. The idea behind the tradition is that if the couple can withstand this graciously, they can withstand the hardships of married life.

Kissing the Couple
This tradition comes from Sweden, and is perhaps a little more pleasant for everyone involved. At the wedding reception, whenever the bride or groom needs to excuse themselves from the table, everybody else at the party has leave to try and kiss the partner who is left behind! 

Burying the Bourbon
In parts of the Southern United States, there is an old tradition where the bride and her father ceremoniously bury a bottle of bourbon at the site of the wedding in advance of the big day. This is supposed to ensure there won't be rain on the wedding. The bourbon can be retrieved and consumed after the wedding is over!

A Rug of Guests
In French Polynesia, there is a tradition your guests may or may not enjoy! After the wedding, the family and friends of the couple lie in a row, face down on the ground. The couple them walk arm in arm over this 'rug' of their nearest and dearest.

No Smiling
In the Congo, it is considered important that the couple take their wedding very seriously, and therefore the bride and groom are forbidden from laughing or smiling. While of course, you do want to have fun on your wedding day, you could perhaps attempt this during the best man's speech as a kind of joke!

These are just some of the unusual things couples in other cultures experience for the weddings. While some are more pleasant than others, it is a great idea to research unusual wedding customs and use them as inspiration for your big day – or perhaps even create some of your own!

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