A New Year and a New You – Attainable Resolutions and Ways to Stay on Track


At the beginning of each year, countless people make a variety of resolutions to change behaviours, routines and characteristics. From goals for weight loss to being a better person, the list of potential resolutions is limitless. Unfortunately, most people fall short on their lists of goals and plans for the new year – often very shortly after the resolutions are made. If you have trouble sticking to a particular plan and want to really change things in 2016, then you've got to know what is reasonable and how to stick to the plan successfully. We'll talk about how you can usher in a new year and a new you beginning today, and how to avoid failing to live up to expectations.
Pick Achievable Goals

The biggest problem with most New Year's Resolutions is the fact that they are not inherently achievable. Most people do not possess the ability to immediately begin dropping dozens of pounds in weight or to start hitting the gym five days per week. Half of the battle is knowing which goals are reasonable and which goals are not reasonable. For those deciding to start a new diet, for instance, it makes more sense to start with a substitution diet model in which you replace unhealthy foods in the beginning with healthier choices. Baby steps in the beginning with regards to new resolutions can help make the difference between success and failure.
Find Ways to Measure Success

Some New Year's Resolutions will be easy to measure in objective terms. Other resolutions – such as a personality change or a desire to be more active in general – may not be as easily quantified. Regardless of the commitments or resolutions made, it's important to decide from the beginning how these changes can and will be measured. Whenever people find ways in which to measure and monitor progress toward a certain goal, the likelihood of long-term success increases substantially. Likewise, breaking up bigger goals into smaller ones that can be achieved on a short-term basis helps to keep many people motivated long enough in order to see lasting results.
Reward Yourself When Successful

The final piece of advice for staying committed to New Year's resolutions is to reward yourself each time you hit a new goal. If you've picked achievable goals and found ways to measure incremental success as we recommended above, then you'll easily be able to find inspiration to stay focused by giving yourself a special gift each time you succeed. If you’re trying to get into shape for a holiday, then reward yourself for hitting a milestone with a new pair of sunglasses, and holiday outfits for the next milestone. Maybe a special day free of diet restrictions or a spa treatment, there are countless ways in which you can reward yourself and be motivated to continue with your plans. 

What specific resolutions do you intend on following through with this year? Have you planned how to stay focused, what rewards you will provide yourself with when success and how to plot your progress? Let us know in the comments section below how you plan to stay on track in 2016 and fulfil your New Year's resolutions!

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