Amplify your New Year with JBL Speakers


2016 is here and we have so much to celebrate! Greet the new year with a pop of sound and be the life of every party with the right speakers to amplify celebrations. One of the leading audio companies, JBL, takes your spontaneous holiday roadtrips and celebrations a notch higher with their line-up of portable wireless speakers that you can take wherever you go.

Drive down south or north and travel to many places in the Philippines this 2016. Treat your family to a blissful holiday under the sun and make the most out of your beach trip with your splashproof JBL Charge 2+ and Xtreme speakers, to give new meaning to Christmas reunions. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, gather your high school buddies and relax behind close doors - or by the pool, with the perfect speakers to light up your night. Sing and dance to the pulsating beats of your JBL Pulse 2 as you play your 90’s jams and bring back to your younger years for the holidays.

Celebrate the joys of life with lasting memories with your loved ones, and spice up your bonding sessions this 2016 with JBL’s great sounding music. 

Follow JBL on social media to know more about JBL’s products, and know the latest Christmas celebration suggestions with JBL portables to amplify life! 

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