Ilig-Iligan Beach in Boracay- Azalea Day 2


It's another day in the beautiful Azalea Boracay and a morning selfie is required. After waking up, took a shower, meet at the lobby and we headed to Obama Grill for breakfast.

Food was decent. The tapa, double egg, pancake and coffee was just what I needed to kickstart my day and then capped breakfast with a watermelon shake. After breakfast, some of us went to the secret beach that Melo was telling us about and the others went back to the hotel to get swim clothes.

The secret beach is actually called Ilig-Iligan Beach. The secluded beach is like a secret gem in Boracay. Far less crowded than the beach in Station 1, 2 & 3. You can go here by tricycle. This is on the other side or Puka Beach.

Here's Rodel in his 'buwis buhay' pose. The effort in going up to that branch.. is just very challenging.  Even from where I was standing is a risk itself. And photo of me trying to stay away from life threatening poses. T

Drinks are also available in the small hut there. Coconut also available and you can also have some food cooked there.  I heard their they cook really good tuna there. 

For lunch we headed to a paluto restaurant near D Mall. Shrimps, crabs, liempo and so much more. Azalea gives the best food recommendations. :)

After lunch, we headed back to our rooms to rest for a bit and just chill. I like how our stay was just simple and not really packed with much activities. We were just there to enjoy the nice Azalea place, the comfortable room, the beach and the company of fellow bloggers. I also took a tour of their different rooms. Check it out on my next post.

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