[Travel] Inarajan Natural Pool - Guam


Rugged and beautiful, the Inarajan Natural Pool is one intriguing place in Guam. Located near a school, a public park which is just a few steps away from the main road, the place became a natural bathing spot for locals and some tourists.

This rough and relaxing place has coral outcroppings up to 15 feet above the horizon. The natural protection shields the spot from huge waves and allowing only ripples into the shallow pools near the black rocks. There are also some tropical fishes and other creatures in their natural habitat.

Place is also popular to those who wants to try snorkeling for the first time. Some locals and even tourists takes a plunge at the pool using the tall diving platform. The place also have BBQ pits provided and covered place for resting.
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Inarajan Natural Pools is located at the South of Inarajan Elementary School Route 4 Inarajan Guam 96915. 

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