Starbucks New Beverages Dark Caramel Latte and Duo Cocoa Mocha September 15

New drinks alert! Yep, starting September 15, 2015 Starbucks Philippines will be launching their new drinks. 

DUO COCOA MOCHA - For this drink, the Duo cocoa sauce is combined with velvety steamed milk and the roasty signature espresso to create a smooth and well-balanced beverage. It is then topped with chocolate whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and cocoa nibs sprinkles. Available in Short - ₱ 145, Tall – ₱ 155, Grande ₱ 170, & Venti– ₱ 180. Duo Cocoa Mocha is also available in Frappuccino blended beverage. Tall – ₱ 175, Grande ₱ 185, & Venti– ₱ 195

Another drink they will launch is the DARK CARAMEL LATTE.  The Dark Caramel Latte is a luxurious treat that caramel lovers simply cannot resist. Combine with Starbucks' creamy dark caramel sauce with steamed milk and our signature espresso then finish it off with whipped cream and a custardy, caramel flan drizzle. Yum! Available in Short - ₱ 135, Tall – ₱ 145, Grande ₱ 160, & Venti– ₱ 170. The Dark Caramel Latte is also available in Frappuccino blended beverage, Tall – ₱ 165, Grande ₱ 175, Venti– ₱ 185

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