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Guam Offers a Cultural and Gastronomic Journey for its Visitors

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Chicken Kelaguen
Food and culture has always been intertwined, with various dishes having stories of cultural practices and historical moments behind them. This notion especially holds true in Guam, a US island territory that had an identical past with the Philippines. 

Taking cue from the island’s rich history and culture, culinary exploration for visitors has been a must-do activity when visiting Guam – whether through its night markets, fiestas, or in-island restaurants. Having these culinary and cultural connections in mind, the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) recently welcomed a new optional tour for tourists in Guam – the Guam Food Tour. It was introduced at the Guam Expo and Visit Guam 2016 launch held at the Micronesia Mall in Guam, with global media delegates and trade partners on hand. 

Chamorro Empanada 
The Guam Food Tour is a brainchild of a group of locals who’s love for the island lead them to the creation of the activity that aims to tell the many stories of Guam’s culture through its cuisine.

Undoubtedly a sure fit for the Filipino travelers, it is perfect for those who love to indulge in various cuisines as the tour takes participants on a gastronomic journey through Guam as it involves at least four stops, with each stop being represented by a dish prepared by local establishments or home cooks – who wish to share their specialties. With each dish telling a different narrative, tourist can surely excite their taste buds and get a better grasp of the island’s rich history and culture. Some of the dishes tourists can try are Guam’s famous Chicken Kelaguen, Kadon Pika, Tinaktak, and the sinfully delicious Latiza desert. 

Rosette Cookies
The launch of Guam’s new tourist attraction is in line with the Bureau’s thrust in promoting Guam’s rich culture – in preparation for the upcoming 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts from May 22 to June 4, 2016. Recognized as the biggest cultural gathering of countries and island-nations, with 27 participants, the event will showcase the cultures of the Pacific islands through various disciplines – including the culinary arts. 

Tamales Gisu
Apart from its cultural offering for tourists, Guam has also transformed itself as a must go destination of sports and shopping – with its duty-free shopping proposition. Boasting of its neo-island lifestyle, that combines the laid-back atmosphere with the amenities of a modern high-end destination, the island has constantly attracted tourists from around Asia, and the rest of the world. Guam is also the closest US destination from Manila, and is accessible via a 3-½ flight from Manila via Philippine Airlines and United Airlines.

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