[TRAVEL] GUAM's Fish Eye Marine Park


On our second day at Guam, we visited the Fish Eye Marine Park in Piti Bay. This Marine Park is a marine preserved place. It is highlighted as the largest sinkhole called the "Piti Bomb-hole", named that way because it during the bombing of Guam during World War 2, a number of bombs were dropped on the coral reefs surrounding the village of Piti. The 1000-foot long wooded boardwalks sure is a bit of a long walk, but here you can watch the divers and fishes and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Now, Fish Eye Marine Park has become one of the best tourist attraction facility in Guam. Fishing is prohibited here, but you get get up close and observe 200 species of various tropical fish and coral while staying completely dry inside the underwater observatory.

After the long walk, we arrived at the end and rested up for a bit inside the Air conditioned dock where refreshments were available. After a few minutes we went down 30 feet deep below the surface for the underwater observatory. Once at the lower deck, you can view the ocean world from 24 windows, dry and comfortable admiring Piti's amazing marine life and underwater coral gardens. 

When you're done admiring the view, you can enjoy a leisure walk up. Souvenirs and other items are also available for sale. Going back up you can also see videos about the place and the marine park. Aside from the observatory, the Fish Eye Marine Park is also a famous dive spot. Snorkeling is a great introduction to the coral reef and its many inhabitants. Here you will be fitted for equipment and given a thorough safety and snorkeling briefing at the observatory's upper before heading down into the sea. Supervised by their certified lifeguard, first timers and divers can enjoy the majestic view underwater. They also offer "Snorkeling Only" courses.

Other activities they have is the Seawalk Special where you get to be up close and personal with the marine life and also dolphin watching cruise among their list of attractions at the Fish Eye Marine Park.

First time in Guam? I would recommend that you visit Fish Eye Marine Park. We've all seen aquariums and similar features, but the place also offers history and multiple other attractions in one place. Overall experience is just amazing and wonderful.

For more information on Fish Eye Marine Park, visit them at http://www.fisheyeguam.com/

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