Dockers dress the modern man to success


No one achieves success more than those who claim it.
The best athletes are relentless amid failures; the best tycoons persist amid rejections; the best men are tenacious amid defeats until they achieve success.

The grueling travel to that dream come true is full of countless losses and frustrations, but as they say, fortune favors the bold, and a man full of confidence is a man who is capable to win.

Nothing exudes this kind of power more than showing up at work, dressed to take charge. A man dashed with dapper and suave can earn respect among peers just as he can shape the kind of work he brings and life he will live. The well-dressed man not only embodies self-confidence, he makes sure to give his best.

Your own journey to success can start with this kind of determination as you give yourself the best closet staple of the classic affluent man.

The Dockers’ Signature On-The-Go Slim Tapered khakis take the modern man at the helm with its timeless flair and classic cut. The stylish staple pants give the smart and confident look any professional needs, without compromising comfort. It can take you from the early morning meeting to a dinner party—fitting for the packed, hectic schedule of any modern gentleman.

Wearing Dockers showcase smart and refined fashion, a style meant for the game changer, the trailblazer, creating a statement of your own. The classic chinos give the modern gentleman’s wardrobe an impeccable and easy selection for its daily outfits, with any clothing paired with the signature pants displaying function and style.

Dockers continue to raise the standards and be the standard, reinventing itself to the changing lifestyles of men. The signature pants have been recreated fit for the demands of the modern man and its effortless and exemplary creations remain the prime choice of the alpha male, emanating the sharp, smart vibe, ready to create his own mark in the world.

Men who are built to dominate the game deserve the best, and that’s exactly what Dockers has been for the past decades— the top khaki brand. Its creations have been donned and tested time and time again by men at the top of their game, leading the pack of their own fields.

This versatility and excellence in fashion and style are the qualities keeping Dockers dominating its category. The same qualities driving the modern man to his success as every hem and cut of the signature pants bring him confidence and purpose.

With the Signature On-The-Go Slim Tapered khakis, the modern gentleman is debonair, ready to take the world with smart and stylish dressing.

You are in charge, you are in control, you are ready to leave a mark.

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