Dockers Signature On-The-Go: Fashion with a function


With great fashion comes great productivity. In the same way that “you are what you eat,” what you wear also speaks so much about you and your body of work. Dressing up sharply in the workplace does not only make you look smart and respected in the eyes of your colleagues, but also make you feel more confident about yourself and what you are capable of.

There is more to fashion than looking good, and that is feeling good. To look aesthetically presentable is one thing, but to feel better about the way you carry yourself is totally another. A true, classy fashion sense transcends from the outside to the more essential components inside.

With Dockers’ Signature On-The-Go, fashion comes with a function. Wearing simple yet smart-looking Dockers pants in the office makes a modern gentleman feel more comfortable about himself and his craft, which makes one a more efficient worker. Feeling good is the first step to better productivity.

In fact, several studies have showed that dressing properly translates to ease, comfort, and productivity in a specific environment. Thus, wearing Dockers On-The-Go allows the busy guy to imbibe the qualities that make the signature pants and the Dockers brand stand out over the others—versatility, presentability, and durability.

You are what you wear, and you can't afford to sacrifice a day's worth of effort and productivity just because you don't feel good about yourself and what you are wearing. With Dockers, you are clad with just the right amount of confidence and excellence that will carry you past through the daily grind. 

That is what Dockers has been advocating ever since—a laid-back and effortless style and confidence stitched together by the right fit, fabric, design. And there's no better product to embody these ideals than the Signature On-The-Go, because as in any matter of style, excellence doesn't have to try so hard. 

But while Dockers maintains its signature look that made it the leading khaki brand, it does not stop reinventing styles tailor-fitted for the changing needs of the modern, on-the-go man. After introducing “Casual Friday” almost 30 years ago, Dockers has never been passive in incorporating innovation to its staples, making sure that “what to wear” does not add up more to the worries of the on-the-go guy.

With the Signature On-The-Go, Dockers values quality over quantity as it believes that a bulk of clothes are not necessary for a stylish look—just the right pieces mixed and matched together. 

This gives the modern gentleman the opportunity to explore available choices on what he thinks is best for him for the day. 

Beating style monotony with continued innovation and refined aesthetics, Dockers continues to change the way people carry themselves out there in a competitive world by prioritizing wearability and function. Maximizing one's wardrobe options, after all, has always been more efficient than bulk-buying.

Dockers and its signature On-The-Go wants the modern men to be the best versions of themselves wherever they go and whatever they do, without having to stress over the appropriate outfit.

You are what you wear. And with Dockers, you wear nothing but effortless confidence that comes with free-flowing productivity.

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