Triple the Terror, Triple the Fun with the Bunshinsaba Trilogy


Tired of the usual mainstream scream fests? Do your terror tastebuds crave more exotic fare? Then you might want to sink your fangs into Bunshinsaba, a tantalizing trilogy of terror, from the leader in edge of your seat, nightmare inducing, programming, Thrill. 

The Bunshinsaba curse is an evil as old as time itself. Watch as is wreaks havoc in the lives of all who run afoul of it. 

In Bunshinsaba, A horror novelist and her son retreat to an old house when she hears that her ex-husband, jailed for domestic violence, has been released from prison and is out looking for them. After finding some faded photos of a young woman and her child whose faces have been cut out in a cupboard in the house, strange occurrences and visions begin to occur around the house. 

In Bunshinsaba 2, a group of friends uses a Ouija board and things turn horribly wrong when one of the girls in the group commits suicide. Two years later, everyone has moved on with their lives until one day, the group starts to die off one by one. 

Finally, in its Philippine TV debut, Bunshinsaba 3 follows a woman who is discharged from the hospital where she has been confined for five years, and moves in to the family mansion with her daughter. Shortly after, she begins experiencing ghastly delusions, and is convinced the house is haunted. A friend offers to summon the house’s evil spirits by using a Bunshinsaba, a Oujia board like device, to cast out the demons. Dark secrets are soon revealed, and she begins to question her very sanity. 

Three movies, three stories, countless victims, but just one malevolent curse that terrorizes then destroys all in its path. Triple the terror, means triple the fun for all you Thrill junkies out there. 

At 11:00pm, just before the witching hour, all Fridays of June starting June 12, Thrill will be airing the three installments of this one of a kind thrill-ogy, culminating in the Asian TV premiere of Bunshinsaba 3, the latest installment in this formidable franchise of fright. 

Thrill, Asia’s first and only movie channel dedicated 24/7 to the widely popular horror, thriller and suspense genres is available on (Skycable Ch.107, Cablelink Ch.201, Destiny Cable Ch.11 and Cignal Ch.69). For more information, you can log on to or

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