NutriRite. Delicious, low-fat and affordable now in the Philippines


Earlier tonight, NutriRite - a new player in the cereal drink category has just officially launched their product here in the Philippines. They also launched their local endorse Ellen Adarna. The company responsible in making this happen is the company Food Empire, they carry a lot of brands under their belt, the food and beverage company exports its products to 60 different countries. 

‎Pradeep Chauhan - Food Empire
"One of the Strengths of the brand is creating healthy products which are easy to prepare, good for the health and affordable. That is what we are proud" of shares Pradeep.

 ‎Pradeep Chauhan‬, Raghav Soni ‎Patrick Sy‬. The Big 3 of the NutriRite brand.
Launched at the 88 Superclub in Timog, the big people from NutriRite shared why they decided to bring NutriRite in the Philippines. "Philippines is booming and emerging. The people are full of life. They enjoy even if they are very busy. In the Philippines there is never a dull moment here" shares Pradeep and Soni.

After the quick chat with the host, they introduced their endorse Ellen Adarna.

The cool, sexy and relaxed celebrity looked amazingly fit when she went up the stage.

When asked what did she feel when she was asked to be the endorser of the brand, Ellen shares "I was very excited and happy to be a part of NutriRite. Not only does it taste good but I like that I don't feel guilty eating is because it is low-fat"

Ellen also shared that aside from the NutriRite original, the brand also has two more variants, the NutriRite 30% Low Fat and the NutriRite Original Oats & Honey.

Ellen also showed guests how she likes here NutriRite cereal drink. With just the right amount of water to make it creamy and tasty.

NutriRite only has 2 grams of fat per 28-gram serving and 0 trans fat. Now how about that for an amazeballs fact! Best taken hot, the NutriRite cereal drink is one of the lowest-priced instant cereal drink in the country today for only P 5.50 per sachet!

When asked about the brand's CSR, Soni shared that they have been doing some CSR initiatives here in the country for quite a while now. They shared that it wasn't just about giving, but it is also believing that the brand they share with other are healthy and that it is something that their sons and daughters would eat.

 Raghav Soni, ‎Pradeep Chauhan‬ ‎Patrick Sy‬
I was able to try some of the NutriRite during the event and I gotta say, they taste really good! made out of really oats, cereal and wheat, the NutriRite Cereal Drink has this firmness and bite that makes the NutriRite so good!

NutriRite is one of the most affordable instant cereal drink in the country today, without sacrificing the health benefits. flavors and quality. Low in fat but high in flavor.
Patrick Sy‬, Pradeep Chauhan‬, Ellen Adarna Raghav Soni, ‎

NutriRite also launched an app. Tips on how to stay healthy, proper exercise and fitness guide is what's in the app. They also launched a couple of videos that stars the product and of course Ellen Adarna. 

NutriRite is available at the following leading grocery store. Cash & Cary, Robinsons Sueprmarket, Shopwise, South Supermarket, The Landmark Supermarket, Tropical Hut Groceries, Walter Mart and Wellcome Supermarket.

Ellen Adarna & Myke Soon of
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