Inside DreamPlay - City of Dreams Manila.


We had the chance to go around DreamPlay in City of Dreams. DreamPlay is an all-new interactive entertainment concept that combines the world where your favorite DreamWorks Animation characters come together. Allowing kids and kids at heart PLAY, CREATE and LEARN.

Check out some photos below.

These are some characters that would welcome you as you enter DreamPlay.

Here, kids can immerse themselves in the play space of their dreams and let their imagination soar! There is also an educational experience that is spontaneous, unique, and best of all, fun! 

When you go around the place counter-clockwise, first you can see is the Kung Fu Panda area.  Here you can participate and join in the Kung Fu Panda Dojo and become a Kung Fu master alongside Po and The Furious Five! 

Ready your Fists of Fury and prepare to kick the dumplings out of your enemies as you train with these KFP legends. Who knows, you may even become the next Dragon Warrior!

There are also some other physical activity under the Kung Fu Panda area like the wall climbing challenge and 

Next area is the How to Fly Your Dragon area. In Berk, you’re only as fast as the dragon you ride. Join Hiccup on his quest to find dragons of all shapes and sizes. You’ll search Hiccup’s collection of hand crafted dragon parts to create your own unique dragon and fly it! Will your dragon be able to move like a Gronckle or soar like a Speed Stinger?

Build your dragons here! Go up top and fly them down.

On to the world of The Penguins of Madagascar. Here, the penguin agents need your help to create a sound seafaring vessel! Joining Skipper, Private, Rico, and Kowalski on their next operation, you will not only assemble your very own boat, you’ll also sail it down river! But be careful! There just may be a few obstacles along the way.

Other parts for us builing a much decent boat wasn't available at that time so we ended up like the photos you see above. :)

Also another place there is FurPower. Inside you can see a lot of ball! Cannons, slide, ball fountain and other fun stuff! What's awesome here is you can hit your friends with balls uing the canons and it doesn't hurt! I can just imagine the kids already having fun with this one.

There were also other areas like DinoTrux. It wasn't available when we visited the place, but I'm betting it's going to be where kids can control some trucks or maybe some dinosaurs too!

Gingy's Kitchen is not yet operating at that time. This would be the place where people can grab a bite to eat or buy a beverage.

We also got to try their 4D theater. It only played trailer of another DreamWorks animation since it was still on a dry run. Hope they get good content for their 4D cinemas soon!

There's an area there called the Shrek's Swamp Stomp.

Here, get ready for an ogre the top experience as you tour Shrek’s swamp house. Shrek is home to greet you, but he can’t seem to find his keys and needs your help to look for them. Just be sure to stay away from his outhouse or you just might get an unpleasant surprise.

I love this mug!!! I'ma buy one.

If you're asing for the rate. This may be the rate, but if can still change. :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Adult 490
      Kids 880
      Seniors 352.
      But I think they changed the rates already. Will confirm. :)

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