Shakey’s Celebrates 40 Years Promo!

Shakey’s Celebrates 40 Years of Good Times and Great Memories with ‘1 to 40’ Meal Deal!

Guess who’s turning 40 this year? And it is celebrating the only way it knows how—by giving all its Guests EXACTLY what they want.

To celebrate good times and great memories, Shakey’s encourages Guests to create their own meal through the Shakey’s 1 to 40 meal deal. Through this promo, anyone can enjoy any four of the brand’s 40 most-loved offerings by customizing their own meals good for four people.

“We really wanted something that’s never been done before for our 40th anniversary” shares Jorge Q. Concepcion, Shakey’s General Manager. “We just kept thinking ‘we need something unique’, and then it hit us—what could be more unique than individually-customized meals? A meal for you, by you.”

From January 2 to March 15, 2015, Guests can choose any three food items and one dessert or drink from a preset selection of Shakey’s bestsellers and put them together - a personalized meal! All items included in the selection are good for four. Guests can choose from large thin crust servings of the brand’s 17 pizza flavors, family sized Chef, Caesar, Tuna Caesar, Greek and American Salad, Classic Spaghetti, and Carbonara Supreme Platters, Five-piece Buddy Pack Chicken ’N’ Mojos, Mojos Supreme, and 4 Solo servings of Hearty Italian, Chicken ’n’ Corn and Creamy Mushroom Soup. All these for only 1,240 pesos.

“This is such a great way for people to either try items that they’ve never had before or enjoy their favorite Shakey’s treats together. Shakey’s is a brand that’s all about making even the simplest of celebrations all the more special with great food. Everyone has a story or a fond memory about Shakey's. With this new offering, we promise more good times and great memories with Shakey’s," Concepcion adds.

Shakey’s opened its first store in the Philippines in 1975. The brand enjoyed legendary success in the country. Shakey’s is known for serving mouth-watering freshly-baked pizzas, gourmet pastas and other treats, including the often-imitated, never duplicated Mojos.

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